Yes, People Are Actually Renting Workout Clothes—Here's Why

Few things are more frustrating than going to the gym after work, only to realize you’ve forgotten your sneakers. Or, that feeling when you open your suitcase to discover you didn’t pack your leggings for a vacation. If organization isn’t your strong suit or you’d rather not take up valuable packing space with workout clothes, a new start-up has a handy solution. Enter Routinely, a service that lets you rent leggings, sports bras, and even sneakers and delivers straight to your office or hotel. 

We hear you: the idea of renting exercise clothes might sound odd (and perhaps unhygienic), but the company does make a compelling case. Each item is thoroughly cleaned and shoes are subjected to UV technology to sterilize every inch. From a user standpoint, it’s relatively straightforward: Just log on to the website and choose the items you need from brands like Outdoor Voices and Lululemon, then select a two-hour time window for delivery. The items arrive cleaned and pressed in a drawstring gym bag. Afterward, mail the worn items in the return envelope provided, and that’s it. Routinely takes care of the shipping and cleaning so you can enjoy your workout, without having to worry about the admin. Simple. 

Curious to try the service? Here are a few of the brands you can rent on Routinely. 

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