This Couple Are Paid to Go on Road Trips—Here's Their #1 U.S. Drive

For many Americans, road trips offer an escape from everyday life but for Roger Trombley and Shimul Bhuva, the open road is an extension of their office. The couple both work at Ford as engineers and occasionally, they’re able to enjoy a major perk of the job: taking a bucket list road trip in a Ford vehicle—all in the name of research, of course. 

“Shimul and I have both always loved to take road trips. I particularly love the sense of adventure and exploration that comes with hitting the road—when you fly, you tend to miss so many amazing sites,” he tells MyDomaine. The duo is part of Ford’s Mother of All Road Trips (MOART) team, a collective of engineers who log millions of miles testing new vehicles. Trombley designs the algorithms in collision mitigation systems and these road trips allow him to test the features in real life—and explore some pretty unbelievable national parks and cities at the same time. 

When asked where their number one road trip recommendation is, the duo were divided. “Driving through Maine and Acadia National Park are my favorites,” says Trombley. “It was so unique compared to anywhere else that we have driven because it’s an archipelago—the landscape was dotted with little islands as far as the eye could see.” Bhuva is a fan of the west coast, instead. “Driving through and seeing Zion, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and pretty much anywhere in Arizona has always been my favorite.”

As the weather cools and the leaves start to quiver, we called on the couple and broader MOART team to share the most unforgettable fall road trips in the U.S. Trust us, by the time you’ve reached the end of this article you’ll want to pack your bags and hit the road. 

Source: My Domaine

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