These Easy Dinners Are Ready in the Time It Takes to Watch Your Favorite Show

Between long hours in the office, late-night workouts, and running errands on the way home from a busy day, it can be easy to put dinner off until the last minute. If you typically start cooking dinner late in the evening (or if you just can’t stand to spend hours trapped in the kitchen), don’t fret. There are a surprising number of wholesome recipes that can be made in no time at all—well, 30 minutes, that is.

Even without an instant pot, you can whip up a full meal in the time it takes to watch a single episode of your favorite TV show (if you haven’t yet dabbled in a session of Netflix and cooking, now’s the time to start). Craving pasta? You can make a vegan alfredo dish in 30-minutes. Looking for a healthy twist on a Mexican classic? Chicken enchilada zucchini boats go in and out of the oven in 30 minutes flat. Tempted to order Chinese takeout? You can make a sesame chicken dish in less time than it would take your delivery to arrive. Try your hand at these 30-minute recipes that prove a home cooked meal can be made with just a half hour to spare.

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