These 22 European Cities Look Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

It’s pretty unbelievable that so many of the world’s most beautiful destinations are in Europe, especially when it comes to cities. As someone who has only ever lived in a city—I was born and raised in San Francisco and then hopped from Los Angeles to London to New York—I know firsthand just how cramped, chaotic, and, well, unattractive, they can be. That’s not to say that I don’t love them, but, centuries-old charm and picture-perfect aesthetics aren’t always the name of the game. Yet, in Europe, many of the largest metropolises look and feel like real-life fairytales. And that’s definitely worth experiencing.

We rounded up some of the most beautiful cities in Europe for anyone who wants to take a mental vacation or plans on getting to know these cities in person some day. Read on to see these breathtaking cityscapes, architectural beauties, and buzzing energy. 

Source: My Domaine

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