These 10 Rosé Champagnes Will Be the Talk of Your Next Dinner Party

These 10 Rosé Champagnes Will Be the Talk of Your Next Dinner Party

We have all stood motionless staring at a wall of wine at the liquor store, wondering which to buy. What would the host prefer, or the other guests? Is wine appropriate or would something sparkling work better for the occasion? Rosé Champagne was made for the most indecisive among us.

As it is simply a blend of red and white wine with bubbles, these bottles make the perfect compromise. Anyone worried that the escaping carbon dioxide will impede on its taste has not truly lived. The grapes are allowed to ferment twice, which can bring out even more flavors than other wines; some noses can get exotic, with large hints of fruit found in most bottles. The particular levels of red and white wines in the blend will determine other aspects such as how dry a sip will feel and which food pairings work best. Still, they make a great social drink, where the brilliant pink hue will be loved by many.

While some imported wines can get pricey, a nice Rosé Champagne does not have to break the bank. With the advice of Bianca Bosker, author of Cork Dork, we have compiled a list of the 10 best rosé Champagnes for a range of budgets. This is a great selection even if the only person you are looking to please is yourself.

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