The Wait Is Finally Over! ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Will Release in India. Yes, You Read That Right.

Crazy Rich Asians, the movie adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s novel of the same name took Hollywood by a storm after its release on August 15th worldwide. Being the first major studio movie of the century with an Asian cast, its a hoot and already in the running to be the best rom-com of the decade. 

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About the rising speculations about the movie being released in India or not, Warner bros. had tweeted that it won’t, indeed. But the plot thickened as Warner bros. deleted that tweet leaving us all in the suspense if the movie will actually release in India or not. 

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Well hold your breath as I come bearing good news for you all!

Crazy Rich Asians is going to release in India on 21st September. Yes, you heard that right. THIS FRIDAY. 

Warner Bros. India confirmed the news today on their social media platform and I cannot contain the excitement. 

Desi Twitterati is overjoyed to hear the news as well! 

People are over the effin moon about this one.


Finally, our screens will be graced by the oh so dreamy Henry Golding.


Yay! Weekend plan sorted, y’all. 

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