The Most Common Question a Nutritionist Is Asked (and Her Answer)

Every body is different, but when it comes to looking and feeling our best, there tends to be a steady crop of reoccurring questions and concerns. That’s just one of the insights clinical nutritionist Jessica Sepel has learned since launching JSHealth App, an innovate app that gives members direct access to a team qualified nutritionists as well as access to meal plans and guides. 

“As a function of this app, it was crucial for me to provide a platform where people can access qualified lifestyle and nutrition advice,” the Australian-born, California-based nutrition expert tells MyDomaine. “Using our unique in-app messaging service, app users can join the live JSHealth forum and have their health questions answered by our team of qualified nutritionists.” So far, there have been hundreds of questions from the community, and Sepel has noticed a pattern. Ahead, she spotlights the five most common health questions she’s asked on the app—and more importantly, her answers.

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Source: My Domaine

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