The Black Bagheera Cafe Is An Ideal Amalgam Of Quirky And Posh | 9DEGREE DESIGN STUDIO

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When you visit a vivacious cafe like Black Bagheera, be well assured of two facts – delectable food and loads of laughter, chit-chat, and a memorized quality time. Nestled next to Mangalya Vatika 1&2 in Sola Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the Black Bagheera cafe is an ideal amalgam of quirky and posh. It is spread across an open garden area of 5000 square feet, oozing a happy-go-lucky vibe making it a must-visit place for families, friends, couples, and singles alike.

The Black Bagheera Cafe Is An Ideal Amalgam Of Quirky And Posh | 9Degree Design Studio

From the outside, it may appear like any ordinary cafe…BUT let us tell you that this cafe is anything but ordinary. Seemingly modest, this cafe will sweep you off your feet, especially during the night hours when the lights illuminate the entire area.

Since attention to detail is something that comes naturally and acutely to Chirag, he (obviously) did not miss the storyline. What we mean is when there is Bagheera, there has to be Mowgli, as usual, goofing around – and in this cafe, Mowgli is hopped up on the tree to welcome the guests! On top of that, one cannot miss the jungle-like demeanor.

Not every architecture requires the removal of trees in their natural habitat. And this cafe is a perfect example of one such successful project. Chirag blazingly carved the architecture and the interior design surrounding the trees and nature, preserving the native beauty whilst adding atypical aesthetic appeal – nothing but the finest of the experiences for people visiting.

Let us experience fine dining in this impressive varicolored cafe with à la mode interiors! From the entrance itself, you will be awestruck by the beauty and elegance of this fine cafe. True to its name – Black Bagheera – the cafe interiors are nothing but scintillating, just like the elfin wild beast.

The ideal balance between the fancy high-class indoor interiors and the carefree, lively outdoor interiors instantly makes you feel relaxed and craving yummy food. 3 sections divide the 5000 square feet cafe – the open seating, the rooftop seating, and the lounge area.

The open seating boasts an interior design bent towards a cordial and classical theme. On the contrary, the lounge area holds a polar opposite concept showcasing a perky multitude of colors and eccentric ambiance. A similar idea makes its way to the rooftop seating.

Where a monochromatic color palette soothes the open seating, pop colors enliven the lounge and the rooftop seating. Although the two themes seem at odds, Chirag meticulously plays around the elements to bring out the harmony between the differing concepts.

The cafe also highlights a reception space stretched to a luxe bar counter. Now, the smasher reception table is not just about any reception table. Chirag & his team used recycled items to design this extended reception table.

Doesn’t look like it, right?! Trust us, rather than getting high on the beverages, you will definitely get high on the zingy and effervescent color scheme, patterns, and textures!

Not only in terms of the design but also in terms of lighting, Chirag gave good thought. The type and placement of lighting enhance the overall experience and vibe of the cafe. From the lit staircase to the hanging bulbs to the droplights to the embedded lights to the hanging lights in the tree – Chirag went out and beyond to ensure that the cafe supports a buoyant mood.

As for the material board, the components range from high-class marble finish to highly toned portraits, from the glass ceiling to playful hay ceiling, from diverse color block square tiles to decorative motif tiles, from traditional woodwork to polished brickwork, and of course, the gleaming bonfire. In short, the elements altogether put a glamorous, sophisticated, and sumptuous cafe.

Additionally, the color board is a fusion of cool, coastal, and summer colors, primarily azure, mustard, browns, and greys amidst the natural green. Contrastingly, we can see certain elements, like the black & white pebbles that are scattered all over the open area and the seating underlining a monochrome palette.

The lush greenery and the prepossessing play on abundant pop colors, geometrical & floral patterns, and kaleidoscopic textures sum up this vigorously imaginative artistic style cafe. Every minute design and intricate detail emits finesse and exuberance.

The more you spend time in this cafe, the more it grows luxuriantly on you, and the more you get lost in the peaceful natural aura and enriching and bold interiors.

If you happen to be in Ahmedabad or are planning a trip, DO visit this upbeat and evocative cafe. And do not forget to give an epic shout-out to the ingenious Chirag and the entire profound team of 9 Degree Design Studio!


Designed by : 9Degree Design Studio

Project Type : Restaurant/Bars/Cafes

Project Name :  BLACK BAGHEERA

Location :  AHMEDABAD

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 8 MONTHS

Plot Area :  3479.21 sq.ft

Built up :  850 sq.ft

Project Size : 3479.21 sq.ft

Project Cost : 50 lacs

Principal Architect : Chirag Mehta

Photograph Courtesy : Inclined Studio

Products/Materials/Vendors : Finishes – ceramic finish / Wall covering / Cladding – natural stone cladding / Construction Materials –  brick, kota, natural black and white  pebbles / Lighting – customize lights /Doors and Partitions – glass / Sanitary ware – jaguar / Furniture – customize / Flooring –   different type of kota, ceramic tiles / Paint – Asian paint /Hardware – hettich.

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