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P’s Design Therapy is a Vadodara-based interior design studio owned by Prayoshi Patel. The studio offers 3d modeling, interior services, as well as interior consultancy.

P’s Design Therapy was established in 2019 and quickly gained popularity across the city of Vadodara. With more than 5+ years of experience and numerous project completion, Prayoshi Patel shares her journey with us in this following interview. 

Who is Prayoshi Patel? How did you get into this field?

Prayoshi Patel is the founder and principal designer of the interior design firm P’s design therapy. I am an enthusiast for design and I love designing spaces with unique perspectives. I am an outgoing introvert who draws inspiration from history and nature and fervently believes in setting lofty goals for oneself.

Let us connect the dots: in 2013, I chose to study electrical engineering because I received admission to the Faculty of Technology and Engineering (FTE), The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. I ended up choosing to study CIVIL- IWM in engineering. And, I considered it a blessing that I could not pursue electrical engineering as I began to adore the subjects of designing and planning in civil engineering.

While my peers were preparing for placement interviews, I was firm in pursuing interior design and launching my studio during my third year. I chose the master’s program in interior design at INIFD Baroda in 2017, as soon as I finished my B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) program in Civil-IWM engineering. Rest is history!

How did you get your first project and what was it?

The story behind it is intriguing! When I was a year into the master’s program in interior design, our home needed renovations before I could begin my first project. From there, I initiated learning and accumulating information to design our place. Then, during my second and final year, I had the chance to oversee the construction of a 5000 sq.ft. bungalow, designed by a renowned architectural firm based in Vadodara. I want to thank the individual who put my name up for supervision, and I will always be grateful for the chance. 

Afterwards, I managed and learned to handle agencies, project timeline management, execution of drawings on the field, experiments with materials, etc. I understood the importance of connecting academic wisdom to real-world application. After that project, I had a chance to individually work on “The Prajapati House”, which was my first actual interior design assignment. The 3000 sq. ft. home exuded contemporary style and was expertly planned and interior designed. That is how P’s design therapy adventure started! I think that was all predestined.

What or who is the biggest influence on your designs in terms of architecture and interiors?

I draw inspiration from sources such as; cutting-edge interior design and architecture, nature, history, and travel. In addition, I also adore experimenting with different concepts and compositions to keep my artistic faculties going. I stay updated with all trends, materials, and technology. It helps me consistently produce new designs with a significant impact. Additionally, I enjoy bringing fresh air and natural light into rooms. It influences our design philosophy. Interior or architectural design, in my opinion, is a synthesis of art, science, and psychology. We believe in designing environments with an eye toward aesthetics that improve wellness and productivity.

When it comes to designing interiors, there are numerous choices to select from. What is your design approach and signature style regarding the planning and execution of interiors?

That is correct! Well, our design methodology differs based on the requirements of our customers and site surroundings . Our core design strategy is to make places appear light, expansive, environmentally friendly, and practical regardless of size. Here, in P’s design therapy, the decisions are very thoughtful in terms of comfort, use and durability. It is fair to say that our planning and execution lead us towards contemporary minimalist design. We refrain from using excessive or unneeded materials, overuse of areas, and massive wall paneling.

In the past few years, especially after covid, there has been a rapid change in design trends. What is one trend change that you would like to see in the field and one trend that you would never like to change?

The pandemic has altered every aspect of life as we know it! In particular, how we live in our dwellings. The house has quickly evolved into a place to work, exercise, unwind, and even attend school. The main factor influencing design trends has been this.

I would want to see more open spaces incorporated into interior and architectural designs as a design trend update. For the sake of aesthetics, many clients and designers overlooked the foundations of natural air ventilation systems and the appropriate quantity of light penetration before the development of COVID. I have seen designers create sturdy shutters to cover windows to make walls seem attractive and seamless. Nothing about this makes sense.

Following the pandemic, people are more drawn to minimalist design ideas that use environmentally friendly materials and create breathable spaces with natural light and air. These designs make you feel more in tune with nature. Hence, open floor plans with a minimalist idea are the one trend that I would never like to modify. Also, they are more cost-effective for customers after price increases in everything.

Nowadays there are numerous online platforms to get inspired and get ideas. How do you cater to the client’s requirements regarding your style of design? 

Understanding the client and the space’s intended user on a deeper level requires learning about their way of life. Using web platforms and comparable reference photos from our projects, I then collaborate with the client to establish the desired mood and atmosphere of the space and distill the ideas into the overall concept to offer them a vision and direction to think. Afterward, we explore the utilization of the area and its intended purpose.

We create 3D models for greater clarity and to check that we provided what the customer had envisioned or requested after conceptual visualization and the functional arrangement of the floor plan and features. I direct the clients through every step by ensuring their insight into each design decision. The clients are always enthusiastic about the results as they feel thoroughly involved in the making.

What is your strategy to transform a given space into a masterpiece in terms of budget constraints?  

We essentially only began with initiatives on limited budgets. Every project, no matter how big or little, is unique to us, and we strive to make it a masterpiece. 

Our design approach involves experimenting, customizing, and investigating native commodities and assets to convert a given space into a work of art within the constraints of funds. We strongly believe that an acquaintance with various materials and their qualities, an appropriate strategy of execution, usage of locally accessible resources, and encouragement to experiment can help one produce a masterpiece within a budgetary range. Additionally, we advise clients to follow a minimalist design approach if their budget is limited.

If you could design a dream project, what would it be and why? 

There are plenty of factors that make it arduous to respond! However, my ideal project would be to design a restaurant or a villa in Goa with a view of the ocean and Portuguese influences. Goa is a visual treat. Palm trees dot the length of the city, making it pleasant to walk down its streets while their homes and abodes exude an old-world charm. We admire interior design and architecture in the Portuguese Goan style. I think it’s the tropical mood, vibrant colors, arches, patterned flooring, high ceilings, sunsets, use of sustainable materials, old artifacts, and chandeliers, among other things! I would be happy if I get an opportunity to learn more about it while developing it.

Nowadays collaborations are in trend. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with another designer, who would it be and what would you create?

I have always been a big believer in working together. Collaboration for design is a wise and practical strategy that enables all the designers to work together and produce something of the highest caliber. I would want to work with plenty of them! However, I would like to mention a renowned designer Dipen Gada (DGA), because he has always been an inspiration. 

Also, we share the same educational background and career path. I appreciate his ageless design and philosophy. We would design a weekend residence on a northern Indian hillside using eco-friendly building materials, warm traditional interior design elements, a gratifying setting with a small lake, and other volumetric accents and openings. Now I’m manifesting it !

Our readers are always looking forward to learning from the best. What advice would you give to upcoming designers or startups? 

I am a perpetual student, and I feel everyone should continue to educate themselves. Fortunately, I had a wealth of real-world knowledge and relationships with several industry vendors when I first launched the firm. I would advise aspiring designers to gain on-the-job experience. Working on projects allows one to understand the nuances of design more than reading about them in books. 

Ask for job experience, apprenticeships, and shadowing opportunities at first, not just with interior designers but also with workers from the electrical, plumbing, and joinery professions. Try to take charge of minor tasks with assurance, develop relationships with suppliers, designers, and artists, and learn new things. The more in-depth knowledge you have, the more it will help you with your designs.

Upskilling and networking are necessary for entrepreneurs to stay relevant in a fast-changing world.


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