SC Decriminalising Homosexuality Is A Step In The Right Direction But A Long Road Still Lies Ahead

The Supreme Court of India, in a landmark decision, has just decriminalised homosexuality. Bye, Bye Sec 377A. You were a royal pain in the arse while you lasted. We will not miss you.

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This means people of the LGBTQ community cannot be put in jails or be scrutinised by the law for choosing a partner of the same sex. Which is great, really. 

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But while we can consider this a step forward, we must understand that the right to not get jailed for having consensual sex is the basest of fundamental rights.

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Which means that this is a mere stepping stone, albeit in the right direction of course. 

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Because the SC has also made it clear that it would not venture into the issue of marriage relating to the LGBTQ community or inheritance in live-in relationships. 

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So yeah. A long battle still lies ahead of us, and not just in terms of the law. 

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One of the biggest issues that still hunts the LGBTQ community is social stigmatisation. 

As a nation with one of the youngest populations in the world, it is our solemn job to make sure that we build a society where people are not only accepted irrespective of their sexuality but also respected for the work and achievements like the rest of us are. 

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Not being jailed is one thing, being accepted as a part of the society is another. We must strive to create an environment that doesn’t separate them from the rest of the society.

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Anyhow, this is a good day, a historic one for that matter, so let’s enjoy it, celebrate it. But, let us not forget that this a mere stepping stone and a lot still needs to be done, if true equality is to be achieved. 

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