Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch Systems puts its brand on the world’s biggest airplane

Stratolaunch livery
Stratolaunch Systems’ giant plane now sports the company’s name. (Stratolaunch Photo via Twitter)

The mammoth plane that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch Systems is testing at California’s Mojave Air and Space Port now bears the name of the billionaire and his air-launch venture.

In photos tweeted this week, Stratolaunch showed off the plane’s new livery — including a legend reading “Stratolaunch: A Paul G. Allen Company” on the side of one of the twin fuselages, and the logo of plane builder Scaled Composites on the tail.

In April, Stratolaunch said it aimed to conduct the first flight test of the 385-foot-wide plane this summer. But the company still has three runway taxi tests on its to-do list, which suggests the plane won’t make it into the air before summer turns to fall on Saturday.

PREVIOUSLY: Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch aims to put the world’s biggest plane in the air this summer

Source: GeekWire

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