Network monitoring giant Gigamon acquires Seattle security startup ICEBRG

Network monitoring giant Gigamon acquires Seattle security startup ICEBRG

Icebrg co-founders Josh Carlson and Will Peteroy.

Gigamon has acquired Seattle startup ICEBRG to strengthen its networking and security technology.

Gigamon, previously a publicly-traded company that was acquired by Elliott Management in January, sells a network traffic managing and monitoring service to 83 of the Fortune 100.

Founded in 2014, ICEBRG uses sensors and analytics to help companies prevent hackers from compromising their network. It raised a $10 million round in 2016 from Pelion Venture Partners, Madrona Venture Group, and other investors.

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed, but Reuters pegged ICEBRG’s valuation at $100 million. Gigamon, based in Santa Clara, Calif., will create a new R&D center in Seattle as a result of the deal. The ICEBRG brand will be dissolved and the startup will be fully integrated into the Gigamon organization.

Will Peteroy and Josh Carlson, two security professionals who met while working as a part of Microsoft’s Security Response team, founded ICEBRG. The company has 50 employees.

“Over the past four years we’ve worked to shift the balance of power from attackers to defenders by providing our customers with industry leading data collection, processing and analytics capabilities backed by a world-class security research team,” the founders wrote in a blog post. “These capabilities empower our customers to rapidly identify and act against active threats in their environment in a way that’s simple for them to deploy and manage while scaling simply for new environments and challenges as their businesses grow.”

Before arriving at Microsoft, Peteroy and Carlson both previously worked at the National Security Agency. At Microsoft, Peteroy served as a security response strategist, and worked on product security for Windows and Internet Explorer. Carlson managed security response for the Windows Platform, and also managed security breach investigations and response for products like Xbox Live and OneDrive.

“The acquisition of ICEBRG brings Gigamon the cloud-based data management capability essential for delivering advanced network security as a service,” Eric Ogren, senior security analyst at 451 Research, said in a statement.

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