MirrorCache raises cash for smart hotel mirrors as hospitality industry uses more tech

MirrorCache raises cash for smart hotel mirrors as hospitality industry uses more tech

Photo via MirrorCache.

More and more technology is making its way into the hospitality industry and Seattle startup MirrorCache is the latest example.

The company just raised $750,000 to help develop its smart mirror product that has the interest of giant hotel chains such as Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton, and others.

The smart mirror functions as a smart safe with a touchscreen mirror that enables access to hotel concierge, room service, video, in-room audio and temperature control, and personalized content. MirrorCache makes money from unit sales, service agreements, and revenue sharing with local businesses that surface content on the mirrors. The product is still under development and will be piloted later this year.

MirrorCache also features voice technology inside the mirrors, including Amazon’s Alexa. Amazon is also making a push into hotels and inked a deal with Marriott earlier this summer to install Echo devices in rooms.

“We complement Alexa,” said MirrorCache CEO Scott Ware. “It is built into our product and functions alongside other smart technologies which hotels are using to leverage to build a better overall guest experience.”

Ware said MirrorCache is part of a trend toward hotel guests demanding more personalization and efficiency.

“This is a huge trend globally and hotels are constantly competing to deliver the best services and amenities through technology,” he said.

Another Seattle startup, Roxy, offers a customizable voice assistant and touch screen smart speaker for the hotel industry.

Some hotels are rolling out robots that can deliver food or the morning newspaper to a room. New technology can also provide hotel owners an opportunity to track more guest room data.

MirrorCache’s seed round came from individual investors from Dallas and Hawaii who have created a joint venture to fund the startup, which employs seven people.

Source: Geek Wire Startup Feed

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