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Learn Online without paying a single Penny | Digital Wissen

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Are you looking to gain more and more knowledge? Or looking to do some online course related to your own field of study from various universities or well-known professors? So your search is about to get over. In the internet world, so many websites or web portals are available for online courses. But the question is which is the best and trusted portal or website to study.

I have observed more than 50 websites and portals for e-learning and found mainly 3 websites for online education. These websites also provide you some free of cost courses and also provides you the course completion certificate.
Here are the top 3 websites to get online education

Learn Online without paying a single Penny

Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a freeware online study website which offers various education programs. It covers courses from almost every field of study such as psychology, accounting, engineering, business, healthcare, etc. The website is also incorporated with 10+ reputed universities of the world which also includes Stanford University, University of Oxford, etc.
All the featured universities associated with Academic Earth also provides a free online course to everyone along with the course completion certificate.
The best part of this website is it creates curated playlists, collecting relevant lectures from different courses around a specific topic.


Udacity provides world-class Nano-degree programs. Udacity is the best platform for one who seriously wants to learn coding and other technical kinds of stuff including mathematical skills. Various program courses offered by Udacity are:

  • Become an iOS Developer Powered by AT&T, Google, and Lyft
  • Android Basics Nanodegree by Google
  • Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree
  • Predictive Analytics for Business
  • VR Developer
  • Artificial Intelligence


Coursera offers over 1,500 courses from over 145 university partners. Courses usually include videos and coursework like online quizzes monitored by a professor. You can search by topic or university. Similar to Udacity Coursera also provides search option by a university and by course.

You can take classes from various universities such as Stanford, Penn, Duke, or Yale, without paying a huge tuition fee of say 50,000$. Enroll now for your free course from the experts of the prestigious universities. Some of the sample courses offered by Coursera are

  • Securing Digital Democracy
  • Machine Learning
  • Business Foundation
  • Medical Neuroscience

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