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“India’s 50 Most Powerful Women in Architecture & Interior Industry – 2023” is a collection of the best architectural and interior design works of the Top 50 Women In Architecture & Design, chosen meticulously based on their works, leadership skills, and excellence in the field. The curated list of 50, shortlisted from a whopping 500-700 firms, consists of emerging as well as established Women-driven Design firms from across the country.

What does it truly mean to be a WOMAN? To be Liberated, to be Empowered, to be a Leader, to take Charge, to be Powerful, to be Fearless. The World has come a long way in terms of acceptance and acknowledgment of the decades and centuries of struggles women had to face and fight for equal rights and equal opportunities. The journey is still long, but the road looks smoother ahead, thanks to the Women of the Past and Present for paving the way for the Women of Tomorrow!

The Architect’s Diary has always strived to showcase and give a platform to the best of significant works worthy of applause. With this article, our vision is to acknowledge, appreciate, felicitate, and honour the Women who are successfully leading their firms to soar heights and creating a mark in this industry with their distinct styles and unique designs.

On the occasion of “International Women’s Day”, we wish roaring success to these Powerful Women Leaders; onwards and upwards! – Ar. Kamalaja Tamboli, Managing Editor, The Architect’s Diary


Their goal is to make designing more interactive, innovative, and inspirational, and to bring designs around the world in order to deliver new ideas for clients.

Firm’s Website Link: CUBIX GLOBAL

Firm’s Instagram Link: CUBIX GLOBAL

Firm’s Facebook Link: CUBIX GLOBAL

Principal designer: Prachi Jain


They work closely with owners of residences, cafes, restaurants, and commercial offices, and their unique selling proposition is their attention to detail. They make an effort to accommodate their clients’ perspectives, preferences, and beliefs into their designs, resulting in a space that reflects their technical and aesthetic expertise as well as the family’s lifestyle and culture.

Firm’s Website Link: P&S ASSOCIATES

Firm’s Instagram Link: P&S ASSOCIATES

Principal designer: Palna & Sachi Shah

Essajees Atelier

Essajees Atelier is an award-winning design firm that focuses on high-quality projects with a unique aesthetic. They pride themselves on taking on a select number of projects and giving them a high level of attention to detail. The firm was established in 2014 and has completed over 60 projects throughout the country. Currently, they have over 200,000 sqft of commercial and residential spaces that are under construction.

Firm’s Instagram Link: Essajees Atelier

Principal designer: Sarah Sham

AN Designs

AN Design is an architectural consultancy firm based in Surat, which offers professional services in Architecture and Interior Designing all over India. They provide their services to Residential Projects, Corporate Offices, Hospitals, Restaurants, Cafés, Government Institutions, and Franchise Showrooms.

Firm’s Instagram Link: AN Designs

Firm’s Facebook Link: AN Designs

Principal designer: Nikita Mehta


Design Dialogue is a Hyderabad-based architecture and interior design firm cofounded by Prashanthi Narapasetty and Amulya Gullapalli who bring their diverse backgrounds together to offer varying perspectives and approaches to design. Design Dialogue engages in and oversees every aspect of the project from architecture, interior design, construction administration, through furnishing and styling.

Firm’s Instagram Link:  DESIGN DIALOGUE STUDIO

Principal designer: Amulya & Prashanthi


House of Ruya is a boutique architecture and interior design studio based in Bangalore, founded by Aishwarya Govind. They believe that the environment we live in is a manifestation of ourselves, and their approach is hands-on, striving to create meaningful experiences and perfectly tailored spaces that are an extension of each individual client. They believe that design should always be in confluence with everyday life.

Firm’s Website Link: HOUSE OF RUYA

Firm’s Instagram Link: HOUSE OF RUYA

Principal designer: Aishwarya Govind


INKLETS Studio is a multidisciplinary design practice that has been operating since 2017. The firm is renowned for its seamless process in delivering architectural and interior designs, from conceptualization to project completion, within the stipulated budget and timeline. Their work aims to achieve a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, resulting in a harmonious space. They believe that a beautiful amalgamation of textures and colors of the materials, along with the appropriate details in the creation of a space, brings in the spark to everyday living.

Firm’s Website Link: INKLETS STUDIO

Firm’s Instagram Link: INKLETS STUDIO

Firm’s Facebook Link: INKLETS STUDIO

Principal designer: Hiral Shah


Beyond Spaces Design Studio is a young and passionate studio based in Hyderabad that is committed to creating spaces that inspire and are inspired by the stories of its inhabitants, visitors, observers, and designers. They specialize in creating aesthetic, functional, and usable spaces that leave a lasting impression and are welcoming to all.




Principal designer: Mounika Kodali


Quirk Studio is a boutique Interior Design firm based out of Mumbai. Founded in 2013 by Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, the studio finds its roots in the confluence of the design ideologies of the duo. Striving towards an ethos that shapes people-centric spaces and environments, Quirk Studio offers premium spatial and interior design solutions in the residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail sectors. 

Firm’s Website Link: QUIRK STUDIO

Firm’s Instagram Link: QUIRK STUDIO

Principal designer: Disha Bhavsar & Shivani Ajmera

Incredible Prodigy

My Sassy Interiors is an interior design firm that draws inspiration from the simplicity and relevance of plants, functional art, and DIYs. They specialize in reviving spaces and turning houses into homes, providing unique and harmonious ideas that enhance the happiness gradient of a place. Their philosophy is centered around utility and comfort, embodied by minimalist, bold, and coherent designs that are both visually and functionally appealing.

Firm’s Instagram Link: Incredible Prodigy

Firm’s Website Link: Incredible Prodigy

Principal designer: Sonakshi Awana


Vibrant and simplistic in realism, Baroda-based firm Urvi Shah & Associates was incepted in the year 2009, headed by architect Urvi Shah. The firm majorly deals in providing 360 degree widespread design solutions in Architecture and Interior design realms. In 2019, on completion of 10 years, the firm decided to take a step further. Urvi Shah and Associates has unlocked new parameters of designing and is now TRANSPACE. Ar. Urvi Shah, the founder principal of the firm holds a Bachelors Degree of Architecture from the most renowned college. The Maharaja Sayajirao University.

Firm’s Website Link: TRAANSPACE

Firm’s Instagram Link: TRAANSPACE

Principal designer: Urvi Shah


The Brick Tales is a young and design-oriented architectural firm founded in 2017 and headed by principal architect Rini Singhvi. They strongly believe that form not only follows function, but also fiction, which elevates architecture from mere construction to meaningful encounters. They trust that design is capable of telling stories, whether it is about the people who live in it, the people who built it, or the ideas and prototypes of how a space presents itself to its users.

Firm’s Instagram Link: THE BRICK TALES

Firm’s Facebook Link: THE BRICK TALES

Principal designer: Rini Singhvi


What’s meant to be will always find a way. For Swati Seeran, Founder of By The Riverside, destiny knocked in the form of an enthralling career in interiors and bespoke product designing.

Firm’s Website Link: BY THE RIVERSIDE

Firm’s Instagram Link: BY THE RIVERSIDE

Principal designer: Swati Seraan


Spaxis (spatial-axis) Design is an architectural and design firm that draws inspiration from their ideas, notions, and conceptions of their work and design. They strive to create environments and experiences that make a difference in people’s lives, taking a holistic approach to give life to a space with a thoughtful process that emphasizes simplicity, clean lines, a neutral palette with an accent of color, and functionality. They are committed to constantly evolving and growing by learning through their experiences in this process.

Principal designer: Sanjana Kantawala & Helly Shah

Firm’s Facebook Link: SPAXIS DESIGN

Firm’s Instagram Link: SPAXIS DESIGN


Studio Jane Designs believes that spaces deeply influence those who inhabit them and celebrates the art of designing. They maintain a collaborative and transparent relationship with their clients, always being sensitive to achieving an optimal match of clients’ requirements and investments. They follow a deeply ingrained philosophy to always strike a balance between space, aesthetics, technology, and construction detailing for all scales of projects.

Firm’s Website Link: STUDIO JANE

Firm’s Instagram Link: STUDIO JANE

Principal designer: Neha Garg


SPDA is a boutique interior design consultancy studio based in Gurgaon, NCR, founded by Shalini Pereira in 2010 with a focus on creating contemporary interiors with a sense of understated luxury. After a steady start, the firm is starting to make a name for itself in the Luxe Interior bracket, with work being published in reputed interior design print magazines such as Home Review and Society Interiors. The studio is proud of the growing reputation it is gaining as a firm that creates bespoke contemporary interiors with an international design sensibility.

Firm’s Website Link: SPDA

Firm’s Facebook Link: SPDA

Principal designer: Shalini Pereira

Firm’s Instagram Link: SPDA


Shape My Space is an Interior Design Studio by Kopal Bhoot Trivedi located at Vadodara, Gujarat which specialises in Interior designing and styling concepts, Bespoke Design Services, and everything to help you create your Dream Home!

Firm’s Instagram Link: SHAPE MY SPACE

Principal designer: Kopal Trivedi


Aashni Pandya Kumar graduated from Academic Interior Design at Florence Design Academy, ranked 1st amongst the best Interior Design schools in the world. Her interest in the creative field was developed while she worked at the school as a Research Associate on a paper titled “Introduction of Fashion Journalism in India”. Aashni Kumar has launched an independent brand that undertakes residential and commercial projects in areas of interior design and architecture across the country.

Firm’s Website Link: AASHNI KUMAR

Firm’s Instagram Link: AASHNI KUMAR

Principal designer: Aashni Kumar


The design firm believes that design should establish trust between their collaborators, clients, and occupants of the spaces they design. Their goal is to inspire and empower individuals and communities who experience their work while preserving and respecting natural resources.




Principal designer: Charita Kishore Rupa

Lodha Luxury

Lodha Luxury believes in luxury that is experienced. The ensemble provides exquisite design put together with painstaking effort and attention to detail. Bringing together the best design talent from across the globe, all the gems in the collection provide for the finest amenities, exquisite interior design, and great art.

Firm’s Website Link: Lodha Luxury

Firm’s Instagram Link: Lodha Luxury

Principal designer: Vinti Lodha


The company founded in 2017, always keeps the past in mind, but thinks of the future in each decision they make when it comes to designing or redesigning a space. They have been recognized as one of the top interior designers in Pune.

Firm’s Website Link: THE WALL

Firm’s Instagram Link: THE WALL

Principal designer: Elham Mirza


Natasha is the founder and principle designer of the award-winning Between Walls. She established the interior and furniture design firm in 2014, and since has made her mark in this industry of design.

Advancing to her design sense and knowledge, Natasha believes that every project has its own personality that should reflect the space around it and its inhabitants. Her designs intend to be timeless and unique.

Firm’s Instagram Link: BETWEEN WALLS

Firm’s Facebook Link: BETWEEN WALLS

Principal designer: Natasha Shah


Dority Design Studio provides services based on pillars of transparency, creativity, finest art, and hard work. With years of experience, they offer exclusive work for clients who seek prime quality designs, both aesthetically and technically.


Firm’s Instagram Link: DORITY DESIGN STUDIO

Principal designer: Dority Matlani


Established in 2018 as the result of the entrepreneurial vision of Keerthi Tummala, the company has built its success on the ability to represent the potential of Indian craftsmanship by creating products that consistently push all known boundaries. Having a stronghold in design and being backed by a wide network of top-class manufacturing, Sage has created a niche for itself with its clearly identifiable design and style.

Firm’s Website Link: SAGE LIVING

Firm’s Instagram Link: SAGE LIVING

Principal designer: Keerthi Tummala


Ikigai studio is an interior design studio based out of Pune. Founded in the year 2020, our studio has already successfully completed 50+ projects.

Architect Anuja Marudgan, graduated from Sinhgad College of Architecture, Pune. She is an Architect of the future
-inspired by the modern and urban designs which complement the existing neighborhood and incorporated with modern technologies for sustainability and energy efficiency.

Firm’s Website Link: IKIGAI STUDIO

Firm’s Instagram Link: IKIGAI STUDIO

Firm’s Facebook Link: IKIGAI STUDIO

Principal designer: Anuja Marudgan


“I believe that a space should be aesthetically appealing and be ergonomically correct as the end receiver has to use the space and has a purpose of it’s own. It should reflect its’s purpose and should be personal in it’s own way.” 


Firm’s Instagram Link: GUNPREET KAUR DESIGNS

Principal designer: Gunpreet Kaur


DWELLINGS believes good design is produced from careful study and research, combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgment. Attention to detail, proportions and scale, together with common sense ensure the finished product fully develops the potential within the concept.  

Firm’s Website Link: DWELLINGS

Firm’s Instagram Link: DWELLINGS

Principal designer: Drishti Bhatia


Rutika is the principal architect and founder of DesignTree. She is Working in the industry since 2012 & have focused energies into sustainable and ecofriendly lifestyles and spaces holding a degree in Master of sustainable architecture with a first class. She has a keen interest in teaching and educating young minds and has worked as Assistant Professor at dept. of Interior Designing CSIBER; Associate Professor at D.Y. Patil College of Architecture as a guest lecturer.

She also has presented many research papers nationally and internationally. She has conducted various seminars and workshops for architectural and interior designing students.

Since starting DesignTree, Rutika and her team have completed various architectural projects comprising of Residential apartments, Meditation hall and Temple complex, Commercial building and Interior projects including Residential apartments, luxurious residences, commercial areas.

Firm’s Instagram Link: DESIGN TREE

Firm’s Facebook Link: DESIGN TREE

Principal designer: Rutika Tendulkar


‘Hiraya Design Studio’ is single-handedly headed by Principal Architect Apeksha Naik, a young architect from Karnataka, India. This Mangalore based firm specialises in turnkey Interior Design and Architectural projects PAN India. One of their most projects acclaimed projects being “Raja’s Cottage”, a 90+ year old traditional Mangalore style villa exclusively published and in “The Architect’s Diary”.


Firm’s Instagram Link: HIRAYA DESIGN STUDIO

Principal designer: Apeksha Naik


The Design Chapel is a multidisciplinary design studio that specializes in Interior Design, Architecture, and Art. They aim to create bespoke spaces that touch, move, and inspire its occupants. The studio is passionate about thoughtfully designing, beautifully crafting, and artistically inclined spaces.

Firm’s Instagram Link: THE DESIGN CHAPEL

Principal designer: Preshita Shah Gupta


THE ARCH STUDIO is a young multi-disciplinary design studio that provides architecture and interior design solutions for residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail projects. Feasibility studies of plots are also offered to developers to determine the viability of the land.

Firm’s Website Link: THE ARCH STUDIO

Firm’s Instagram Link: THE ARCH STUDIO

Principal designer: Siddhina Sakla

Interiors By Ashwiinii Dongare

SmartHomeDesigns is a Interior Designing & Architectural Firm in Pune since 2015 for Interior Designing, Landscaping and developing Residential & Commercial Properties in and around Pune. Having more than 5 years of experience, SmartHomeDesigns has developed a client base of the wealthy and people with a rich taste in planning their properties for luxurious experience.

Firm’s Instagram Link: Interiors By Ashwiinii Dongare

Principal designer: Ashwiinii Dongare Bangar

Interiors by Manasi Bhatt

The company works on high-end projects to provide aesthetic value and remodeling for all commercial, residential, and office spaces. Their standard working modus operandi has yielded them and their clients efficiently over the years. With a brief interview, they understand the client’s needs and vision to work as their blueprint in the plan of action. Following this, they add aesthetic value to the plan and bring life to the space of the client’s dream.

Firm’s Website Link: Interiors by Manasi Bhatt

Firm’s Instagram Link: Interiors by Manasi Bhatt

Principal designer: Manasi Bhatt


Vandana Goyal is the Founder & Creative Director of Moi Den Interiors. She pursued her passion for studying Interior Design from one of the leading universities, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York. Prior to establishing Moi Den Interiors, Vandana ensured that she gathered valuable professional experience from renowned firms like Casa Paradox, India and Jonathan Baron, New York .

Firm’s Website Link: MOI DEN INTERIORS

Firm’s Instagram Link: MOI DEN INTERIORS

Firm’s Facebook Link: MOI DEN INTERIORS

Principal designer: Vandana Goyal


Komal Sachdev Designer + Planner is a self-professed “maker at heart”. A love of craft and design permeates every  project and often leads to innovative new uses for materials and processes. They see interiors and design as vehicles for improving people’s lives and strive to find the best solution to any given brief.




Principal designer: Komal Sachdev

Utsav Kamboj

Archea is an online education platform for creative individuals to explore themselves, learn new skills, expand their horizons, and build a life they truly love. The platform was founded in 2018 by Utsav Kamboj. Archea offers interior and architecture online courses, intending to provide value, help individuals grow, be inspired, and achieve their goals on the side of their daily routine, whether they are students, employees, or entrepreneurs.

Firm’s Website Link: Utsav Kamboj

Firm’s Instagram Link: Utsav Kamboj

Principal designer: Utsav Kamboj

Insitu Design Studio

Sahiba completed her Bachelors in Architecture in 2012 from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture, Mumbai. After which she worked for nearly three years at Studio LAB and Abraham John Architects. During her final year of architecture, she conducted an intensive research study on traditional building crafts of india and hand illustrated a series of postcards as documentation. these in turn, inspired kalakaarihaath.

Firm’s Website Link: Insitu Design Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: Insitu Design Studio

Principal designer: Sahiba Madan


A quest for self-discovery and a vision to deliver global lifestyle luxury brings you the renowned brand MADS Creations, one of the Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon, that has stood tall for past 17 years. Delivering creations that bespeak elegance and make the dwellers experience upheld experiences of the Principal Designer Meenu Agarwal. 

Firm’s Website Link: MADS CREATIONS

Firm’s Instagram Link: MADS CREATIONS

Firm’s Facebook Link: MADS CREATIONS

Principal designer: Meenu Agarwal


AT Studio follows a holistic approach towards building and creating spaces of interest through a formulated process of research, exploration and iteration while telling a different design story through every project.

The company spans across various sectors such as retail, hospitality, commercial and residential projects. They prioritize quality craftsmanship and build everything from small furniture to large spaces. With their passion for design, they aim to create unique experiences in every site they work on.

Firm’s Instagram Link: ANAM.TAUFIK.STUDIO

Principal designer: Anam Taufik

Aparna Kaushik Design Group

The House of Aparna Kaushik is a fingerprint of the discerning visionary behind its inception. The architect and Founding Principal of the firm manifests an academically informed canon of work that blends European classicism with modernist tropical architecture.

Firm’s Website Link: Aparna Kaushik Design Group

Firm’s Instagram Link: Aparna Kaushik Design Group

Principal designer: Aparna Kaushik


Stara Architects, an architectural studio, was founded in 2016 by Ar. Jasna Jamil. Their principles in action are bound on strong proponents of tropical tradition and its transition to contemporary design. The studio believes in design as a process, researching to create a built environment that is adaptive and contextual. They see architecture as a language that speaks of the place. Their creative, yet critical design approach recognizes the inherent complexity in modern-day building and harnesses this complexity to produce projects that are culturally robust, place sensitive, and environmentally friendly.

Firm’s Website Link: STARA ARCHITECTS

Firm’s Instagram Link: STARA ARCHITECTS

Firm’s Facebook Link: STARA ARCHITECTS

Principal designer: Jasna Jamil


Led by Aastha Bohra, Allium Jaipur is an interior design studio based out of Jaipur, which strives to create luxury spaces that have a story to be told. It is Aastha Bohra‘s deep understanding of people’s personal characteristics and living habits that make her create exquisite spaces for her clients.

Firm’s Instagram Link : ALLIUM JAIPUR

Principal designer: Aastha Bohra


Ruby’s Signature started as a homegrown brand in a single room with one sewing machine and one creative woman’s million dynamic ideas. Then, the founder had not imagined that such a humble beginning will turn into a venture known for its bespoke furnishings and a curated collection of exclusive artworks, decorative accessories, bed linen, cushions, carpets, land wallpapers.

Firm’s Website Link: RUBY’S SIGNATURE

Firm’s Instagram Link: RUBY’S SIGNATURE

Firm’s Facebook Link: RUBY’S SIGNATURE

Principal designer: Ruby Gupta

Tan Teal Studio

Tan Teal Studio is a creative collaborative for the Design Conscious, led and founded by Architects Savnee Patharkar and Vedanka Keny. The studio offers end to end services, enriching the amalgamation of principles, ideas and concepts to nurture the best outcome for services to offer, ranging from interior designing, Architectural designing and landscaping.

The founders of Tan Teal Studio named the company after two contrasting colors, which they use to lay the palette of each project they work on. They merge client requirements and dreams with Tan & Teal, creating a unique color scheme for each project. The founders, Savnee Patharkar and Vedanka Keny, both identify with Tan & Teal themselves, which is a personal reflection of their creative style. People who know them personally may agree with this statement.

Firm’s Instagram Link : Tan Teal Studio

Principal designer: Savnee Patharkar & Vedanka Keny

Studio Sandbox

Studio Sandbox is a young and modern design firm that is dedicated to providing excellent design services for residential, commercial, office space, and housing projects. The firm is enthusiastic about earning a name in the field and is effortlessly dedicated to the client’s space. Their strong pillars are Residential, Commercial Office Space, and Housing, and they aim to cater to everyone who wants to upscale their lifestyle in any way possible.

Firm’s Website Link : Studio Sandbox

Firm’s Instagram Link : Studio Sandbox

Principal designer: Savnee Patharkar & Vedanka Keny


Priya Lakhotia Parikh graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors of Interior Architecture from prestigious School of Art Institute in Chicago. Having worked at Faquih & Associates, Mumbai and M&G Sa., Brussels, her designs reflect a mix of traditional tastes with international trends.

Firm’s Website Link:  CHICAGO STUDIO

Firm’s Instagram Link: CHICAGO STUDIO

Firm’s Facebook Link: CHICAGO STUDIO

Principal designer: Priya Lakhotia Parikh

H Design

End-to-end interior designing services are provided by us for any space required. This includes designing and executing the space based on a combination of the client’s requirements and our expertise.

Firm’s Website Link: H Design

Firm’s Instagram Link: H Design

Principal designer: Rashmi Haswani & Mitali Haswani Sethi


From owning an Interior and Architectural Design firm by the name of TDC- THE DESIGN CUBE, Simran Bhargave’s journey started back in 2015 when she first stepped into the world of architecture and interior design. Fast-forward 8 years and she and her creative design team realizing houses, villas, condos, offices, and luxury homes and running her own interior design practice in Ludhiana.

Firm’s Instagram Link: THE DESIGN CUBE

Principal designer: Simran Bhargave


Auburn Studio is an architecture, planning, and design firm that is led by Principal Architect, Sushmitha Ramesh. They specialize in creating designs that blend seamlessly with their surroundings while still maintaining a distinctive character. The team at Auburn believes in the importance of comfort, the kind of comfort that enhances experiences. They are committed to creating spaces that evoke emotions, bringing life to even the most lifeless environments.

Firm’s Website Link: THE AUBURN STUDIO

Firm’s Instagram Link: THE AUBURN STUDIO

Firm’s Facebook Link: THE AUBURN STUDIO

Principal Designer: Sushmitha Ramesh

CanvasInc Design

Founded in 2014, Canvasinc has worked on various projects in the field of residential, commercial, hospitality and retail design. The company has developed a rich and diverse portfolio through its experience in these areas. Canvasinc follows a contemporary and flexible approach towards design and technology. The company provides a range of imaginative and contemporary architecture and interior design solutions to its clients, while ensuring that functionality is not compromised.

Firm’s Website Link: CanvasInc Design

Firm’s Instagram Link: CanvasInc Design

Principal Designer: Bijal Chawda

Let’s celebrate Women today, tomorrow and all year long by encouraging and promoting their works and success. The Architect’s Diary wishes all it’s devout readers a very Happy International Women’s Day!

Please note : The sequencing of the features in the e-book is arbitrary and not in accordance or any way related to the quality/status of the project.

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