How effective are tower fans?

How effective are tower fans?


When summer hits, people all over the world suffer from discomfort and tiredness due to excessive heat. So, they try to buy the best fan which will provide them with cool and fresh air.

In most cases people get confused with various types of fan while buying. In this article we will talk about the efficiency and benefits of tower fan. Now many of you may ask, why tower fans

You will get to know everything after reading this article.

Tower fans help to give an even fresh air circulation throughout the room. It saves a lot of space and is easily carriable. 

So, before investing your money in this cooling fan, you should know the common uses of this fan. We will talk more about the uniqueness and effectiveness of this tower fan. 

So, stay with us and get to know why this particular fan is so much popular among us.  

What is a tower Fan?

Tower fan is basically a bladeless cooling fan which is very tall and narrow taking up a little space. It oscillates at a 90-degree angle and distributes fresh and cooling rapidly and evenly. 

It is mainly used in bed rooms or small houses. It can be easily set on tables, floors, windows and counter tables. In fact, this type of fan is considered as a very stylish fan due to its appearance and is also utilized in modern décor. This combination of design really gives an amazing and effective product.

Benefits of using tower fan

As you know now this awesome addition of fan, let’s have a look at the effectiveness of this fan. 

  • Space saving

The first and foremost advantage of using a tower fan is it takes only a small space. It is a long and narrow fan which fits everywhere easily. You can place this fan beside the window, bed and tables. 

If you have less space or area in your house then going with a tower fan is the best option. Using a tower fan in a kitchen can be a great idea. It fits easily in any corner and you will be comfortable enough while working. 

  • Portable

If you are looking for a fan which you can easily carry and make it set anywhere in your house then of course this fan is the perfect choice. Tower fan is easily portable and lightweight. 

  • Noise free

Tower fans are mainly designed to be noise free. Unlike other fans this fan eliminates the unwanted noise and allows a calm and quiet environment. The sleek tower design of this fan helps to distribute air more efficiently to the surroundings. 

Hence, if you are searching for a noise free fan while distributing huge quantities of air then you can go for tower fans without any doubt. 

  • Efficient

When we decide to buy any electronic product the most essential feature that comes to our mind is efficiency. It allows a low power consumption while circulating fresh air throughout your room. 

Moreover, some additional features including remote control, breeze settings and timers will make your home more comfortable and soothing. 

  • Stylish

Here is another amazing advantage of using tower fans. Generally, unlike other fans the design and style of this fan is very embellishing and garnishing. It will not destroy the aesthetics of your house. 

Rather it will make your house more attractive and modern. It is built to save more space and to give a stylish look without being unpleasant and awkward.

  • Easy to operate

Before purchasing any kind fan, you need to determine its functionality. There are various kinds of fans that allow multilevel functions like auto shut down, remote access and various levels of dual qualities. 

Most of the models of tower fans allow air ionization while creating a cool fresh feeling. It is very simple and easy to operate. Some famous model of this fan allows you to operate the fan for a fixed time before it goes off. 

  • Environment friendly and safe

This fan is built keeping safety in mind. So, if you are concerned about your and your family’s safety then go for this fan. The blades of the tower fan operate in a vertical way and the air is circulated vertically through the small openings. 

Tower fans can be extremely effective and very environment friendly. It has an auto shut off function which helps to save energy and power. Furthermore, it saves almost 60% of energy and lessen your utility bill compared to other electronic fans and devices.


There are many reasons why this fan is a popular choice for everyone. But when you are buying a tower fan, you must know the effectiveness and the general purpose of this fan. 

Since we have discussed many key points and usage of tower fans, it is high time you should check out the companies that offer the best models of tower fans. 

If you are still confused, then make a comparison of several fans and choose the right fan that fulfils all your need.

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