Here’s What Team India Had For Lunch At Lord’s Today. Warning: The Menu Will Give You Hunger Pangs

For the uninitiated, India is playing its second Test match against England at Lord’s. 

Now, Test matches are demanding and it makes perfect sense why the cricketers are given the best food there could be. 



But what do they ACTUALLY eat? Well, we now have the answer. 

The official account of Indian cricket team shared a picture of what the team had for lunch today at Lord’s and the foodie in me is freaking out now. 

Source: Instagram/Indian Cricket Team


In sharp contrast to my bhindi-roti (which was the starter and main course and everything, essentially) the first thing the team had was chestnut and thyme soup with some wild mushrooms. 

Source: Nutrizonia


Next on the menu was stuffed lamb saddle, which is a good source of protein (raise your hand if you didn’t know saddle was a dish).

Source: Great British Chefs


For fish lovers, there was roasted stone bass. Stone bass being a bathydemersal and oceanodromous fish in the family Polyprionidae. Don’t know what any of that means but it sounds like an exotic fish, so good for the guys.

Source: Pinterest


Next, there was chicken lasagna with- mind you- Mediterranean vegetables. These include potatoes, eggplant and bell peppers apparently.  I’d call it a less refined version of mix-veg we get in desi shaadis but chalo theek hai.

Source: Donald Russell


Shaadi brings me to the next two dishes- chicken and paneer tikka. After all that jazz, this is disappointing honestly. I mean it’s kinda sad if you’re having paneer tikka at the fucking Lord’s (pretty sure they were avenging the shirt waving incident).

Source: Cook For India 


Next and the final dish was dahl and mixed vegetables along with:

Prawns in marie rose sauce. 

Source: Young Sea Food


Mashed potato.

Source: Static 01


Basmati rice.

Source: So Cuisine 


Popadams (papad, for basic people like me)

Source: Trip Advisor


Corn and french beans.

Source: Fine Cooking


AND garden salad and boiled eggs. 

Source: FNR 


If I got this much variety in my food, I would turn into a kumbhakaran and not move for days (which explains everything I have done in life).

Moving on, for the desserts the guys at Lord’s kept it simple, because there were ONLY four sweets:

Apple pie and custard.

Source: Ofishial


Dark chocolate and cherry cheesecake.

Source: General Mills


Followed by fresh fruit salad and selection of ice cream. 

Source: SNDimg


Source: Italy Magazine


Meanwhile, I am waiting for my 2-minute instant noodles to boil in less than 5 minutes. Great!

Source: ScoopWhoop

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