Here’s Exactly How a Feng Shui Expert Would Arrange a Small Bedroom

Even the smallest of spaces can be organized in such a way that brings a sense of calm and relaxation with the help of feng shui. The ancient Chinese practice is all about striking the perfect balance between the five elements of nature: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. According to Nicole Seidlitz, founder of Tree of Life Feng Shui and instructor the International Feng Shui School, “The goal when applying feng shui is to ensure a space is supportive and nurturing to its inhabitants.”

One room in your home that should certainly feel supportive and nurturing is the bedroom. “Bedrooms are spaces for rest, relaxation, and romance,” explains Seidlitz. Using the principles of feng shui, you can turn a pint-sized room into a sanctuary that feels far more expansive than the square footage might read. In order to do so, Seidlitz notes it’s important to remember that a basic premise of feng shui indicates that your home is an outward expression of your “inner world.”

In other words, “The things we have in our home, the number of them, and the way we place them is directly linked to the experiences, emotions, and situations we are living,” she says. It’s the same reason things tend to get cluttered when you feel stressed and why cleaning has the ability to make you feel calm and in control. If you’re looking to apply the principles of this ancient practice to your home for a soothing space that feels expansive, take note of Seidlitz’s nine feng shui small bedroom ideas.

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