Find Discounted Real Estate Agents in 6 easy step

Find Discounted Real Estate Agents in 6 easy step

Find Discounted Real Estate Agents in 6 easy step

While trying to buy or sell a property, we always look for real estate agents. There are so many mechanisms to find discounted real estate agents and most discount realtors charge a high commission rate, and possibly cite their high commission due to the inclusion of all services, even the services that you may not value or intend to use as one of the reasons to charge such a commission. To avoid this, Agentsdeal has come up with all new patent pending service tier based commission auction bidding system.

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Find Discounted Real Estate Agents in 6 easy step


  •  Property Specification

Buyers and sellers open a detailed specification and estimates expected commission refunds/discounts based on the same. Discounted real estate agents get to know that they have a serious principle. Buyers/sellers further define what level of “services” they want – savvy principals can indeed choose lesser services and get bigger commission discounts/refunds. Commission lowered from 5% (2.5%+2.5%) to 1.75% (0.75%+1%) for deepest discount tier!

  • Invite Bids From discounted real estate agents

Buyer and sellers invite bidding either in Private or Auction mode. Only qualified agents (ranked internally by who meet a certain threshold are allowed to bid.

  • Receive Bids To Review

Receive a table of bids of commissions, agent experience and service tiers correlated to those bids. A large number of bids ensures that commissions get to a “market rate”.

  • Shortlist Up To 3 real estate Agents

In a successful referral, buyers and sellers can choose to contact up to 3 agents if they want to talk and meet, before selecting a final agent. Buyer’s and seller’s contact information is protected until they choose to create a successful referral.

  • Finalize Agent And Complete Transaction

Buyer and seller select final discount realtor and complete their transaction for purchase or sale.

  • Enter Feedback And Review

Buyer and seller can continually track the transaction on and can enter reviews to benefit the agents and future buyers/sellers.

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