Batcave on lockdown? Man’s smart doorbell locks him out of house when it thinks he’s Batman

Batman calling? Actually, it’s B.J. May, and his Nest doorbell confused the two. (Twitter Photo / @bjmay)

It’d be one thing to not recognize Batman, since the famed superhero has been played by so many different actors. But what if your smart doorbell didn’t recognize you, and thought you were Batman? Holy ding dong ditch, Robin, it happened!

A Nest Hello doorbell reportedly locked a man out of his own house because it was following instructions built into its security features in which the device will lock a door if a face it doesn’t recognize approaches.

B.J. May was approaching his front door when the Nest took action — because it focused in on May’s T-shirt, which happened to have a cartoon version of the Caped Crusader on it.

May chronicled the dumb hilarity of his smart-home malfunction on Twitter, adding that he could have easily gotten into his home by punching in his pin or using the Nest app on his phone.

Source: GeekWire

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