An Aussie Chef Swears by This Simple Recipe for Better Gut Health

An Aussie Chef Swears by This Simple Recipe for Better Gut Health

Instagram has ushered in a torrent of colorful, one-hit-wonder food trends, but if New York’s latest brunch spot is any indication, one particular dish is here to stay: grain bowls. Charley St, a new fast-casual concept in Nolita champions nourishing, customizable bowls that make healthy eating refreshingly simple (and yes, Instagramable). 

“My mission is to work on adding color and vibrancy to people’s diets,” says Australian chef and TV host Dan Churchill, who started Charley St with co-founders Aaron Cook, Kale Evans, and Kieren Dwyer. Naturally, bowls were the perfect vessel to deliver color, nutrition, and flavor. “Grain bowls are incredibly trendy these days, and for good reason: They’re nutrient-dense, making them perfect post-workout fuel or mid-day nourishment [and] are super satiating, but light enough to make you feel energized and ready to take on the day,” he explains. 

Not all bowls are created equal, though. Ahead, Churchill explains how to build a balanced, nutrient-dense dish and shares the recipe he swears by for better gut health. 

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