A Holiday On A Wednesday Is Just About The Best Thing That Can Happen In A Working Week

A Holiday On A Wednesday Is Just About The Best Thing That Can Happen In A Working Week

Our Independence Day falls on the 15th of August, which happens to be a Wednesday this time. And thank the Lord for that. 

Because Wednesday holidays are literally the best of (off) days!

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I mean, think about it. It’s just so well placed, right in the sweet spot in the middle of the week. 

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Think of it as Earth’s position in the solar system. A little here and there and life would cease to exist.

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See, the 2nd half of Sunday, you spend worrying about the darkness of Monday, half hoping that the planet collapses over and you have an off. But that shit doesn’t happen in real life. 


Tuesdays are a gentle reminder that Monday has already taken an entire week’s energy out of you. So you just zombie your way out of it. 

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Then comes Wednesday. It’s just perfect. You can sleep all you want. 


And for all the kids reading this, yes! That’s what any working adult ever wants to do. So you sleep off the exhaustion of the Monday and Tuesday.

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Next comes Thursday. Which is really just like a countdown for the weekend.

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Then there are Fridays. Friday evenings are the muggle equivalent of Dobby getting clothes! 

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So yeah. An off on Wednesday is what Thanos is speaking about when he talks of perfect balance! 


Wednesday is so brilliantly placed in the week that an off on this day gives you enough time to forget about Monday and prepare for the weekend just two days later! So, have fun. I mean, sleep it off. You have worked hard enough.

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