A Cozy and Charming Casa with a Splash of Spanish Flair | Studio Skapa Architects

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Prashanth and Rajani envisioned a cosy and graceful abode that epitomized simplicity and elegance. Enamoured by another penthouse crafted by the Architect Charita, their heart compelled them to acquire a penthouse of their own in the same locale of Shantiniketan, nestled in the vibrant city of Bangalore. They were ecstatic to discover that their vision resonated with Charita’s design philosophy and entrusted her with the mission of metamorphosing the property into their dream home, a cozy and charming casa with a splash of Spanish flair.

A Cozy and Charming Casa with a Splash of Spanish Flair | Studio Skapa Architects

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SKAPA’s design process is highly influenced by the client’s lifestyle and background and prioritizes functionality and comfort for daily living. As a matter of course, the beauty of the space arises from its utility. The architect aptly states that “A home should have a personal and cosy touch, not a generic and impersonal one.”  The initial client brief comprised of only three requests: One was to make the large expanses feel spacious, yet homely and cozy another was to incorporate colours without it feeling overwhelming. Being a family of 4, the couple and two kids, they were keen on a children’s bedroom that was fun and lively stating that “It should be a space where they learn and grow”.

A Spanish country theme brings to mind the aesthetics that is organic and elegant with its use of arches, wood and geometrical patterns. The main door of the house was made with solid wood with traditional carvings that replaced the original dull door provided by the builder. The foyer welcomes the visitors with a large arched mirror, that resembles a window, a shoe storage and a seating area. The mirror reflects the light and the space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere, and also complies with Vaastu on the belief of filtering out bad energy before entering the house.

As soon as we step inside the house, we notice a big arch that says hello. It’s covered with pattern tiles that show off their charm and personality. They’re like little pieces of art that welcome you to the living room. This newly built arch is a clever way to separate the foyer from the rest of the house. It’s like a curtain that opens up to reveal the main stage. It’s an arch that makes you curious and excited to see what’s next. The foyer mirror echoes the shape of the arch and creates a sense of continuity. From this vantage point, one can behold the spaciousness and grandeur of the living room.

The living room exudes openness and natural light. With subtle refinements, the spatial character is enhanced by the demarcation of the living and the dining areas mainly by furniture placement. These areas are further accentuated by using rugs and colors. Walnut-hued wooden rafters span the ceiling, bridging the living and dining areas with a vintage allure. These rafters are not simply decorative but also utilitarian, as they obscure the electrical wiring.

The living furniture nestles between two storage units adorned with brass framed mirrors and lush plants. The architect stumbled upon a slab of sandalwood at a quaint antique store which she used to create the centre table which fit the theme and it became the star of the show. From consistent Spanish country thematic design steps, the architect intuitively went back and forth with the grandeur of the Indian elements which is quite an interesting entangling of themes.

This is mainly because both have a rustic edge to them and a certain organic feel to the forms and shapes. One can catch the sight of the sofa wall embellished with wooden idols that pop against the metal frames that add grandeur to the room while the pastel rose sofa complements the space as it echoes the hue of the curtains but with a different vibrancy. This creates a visual consistency and integration in the space. The living is flanked by the long and open balcony which is a comfy corner to chill and enjoy the Bangalore breeze.

The other half of the living room is designated for dining. It features a dining table with a stone top from Stanley, which is a remarkable acquisition. The table harmonizes with the pleasant green leather chairs and the wooden console with rattan panels that act as accents.

The beautiful stained-glass chandeliers above the table enlivens the space with some color. They coordinate with the light fixtures in the living and kitchen areas making the user experience a connection with these objects as they recur throughout the house.

Artworks, light fixtures and decor infuse some interest and personality to this floor without being too overpowering, something very crucial for the clients, who desired a refined and elegant look for their home.

The kitchen is a blend of white and pastel green that pervades the entire place as the island counter joins the party and elevates the ambience to a mellow and relaxed state. Not only does the island counter provide extra storage, but it also functions as a lively area where kids can enjoy their meals.

Along the dado, one can admire the tastefully positioned subtle printed tiles, skillfully interspersed with meticulously crafted plain handmade tiles. This careful arrangement reminds us of a sense of simplicity, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

The powder room under the stairs has been revamped with a greenish blue hue of micro topping that contrasts with the antique-gold faucets and decorative accents. A distressed green-gold mirror adds some glitz and sparkle to the space.

The guestroom is next to the dining space, a room that’s designated for the client’s parents. The room, exquisitely tailored for the elderly, emanates an elegant simplicity that stirs nostalgic emotions. A magnificent teakwood and cane bed, flanked by delicate side tables and a softly glowing vintage lamp, commands attention.

Pristine white paneled walls create a serene backdrop for cherished memories as a captivating gold light bathes a Varanasi painting above the bed, evoking nostalgic memories of home. Antique lounge chairs, with intricate carvings and plush upholstery, beckon weary souls.

The woody ambiance evokes a bygone era and stands as a testament to simplicity’s allure. A small desk with a stylish chair awaits, while a discreet mandir unit with intricate details opens and closes as needed. Rattan accents, add warmth and style to the space.

The guest bathroom embraces a Spanish theme, featuring patterned tiles on the floor and ledge wall, complemented by distressed white wall tiles. Muted under-counter cabinets, a picture light, and a large mirror enhance the spaciousness and elegance of the bathroom.

Ascending the staircase to the upper floor, that has undergone a remarkable facelift, adorned with a sleek and modern aesthetic embodied by a chic dull matt golden railing. On the upper floor, a tranquil retreat awaits the family, offering a space to unwind and foster connections.

With a sleek TV unit, revamped vintage sofas, and a captivating center table crafted with beaten brass, the ambiance exudes both comfort and elegance. A poignant touch lies in the cherished wooden piece adorning the wall—This table was the first piece of furniture the couple bought together after they were married for their first home in Rajasthan, repurposed with love by the architect, encapsulating treasured memories and a sense of joy. This family haven captures the essence of art and emotion mirroring the occupant’s journey.

In the master bedroom, a serene ambiance envelops the space with understated colors, wooden ledge paneling, and a ceiling-blending wallpaper. The sloped roof accentuates the exposed ceiling rafters, adding architectural charm.

Despite its spaciousness, the room maintains a cozy feel with a plush rug and a comfortable lounge chair nestled in a corner. SKAPA’s ingenious design solution includes faux walls that conceal roomy walk-in wardrobes in both the master and guest bedrooms, providing ample storage for clothes and accessories.

Continuing the harmonious theme, the revamped bathrooms feature a captivating interplay of blue-toned cabinets, antique pattern tiles, and soothing off-white hues that merges space and style seamlessly.

The children’s bedroom is a rainbow explosion of fun. The design of the kid’s room is a colourful and playful space that starts with a huge wallpaper of a world map on one wall. The blue and orange tones of the room match the map and make everything else pop.

The room has a wealth of amenities for a kid: a comfy queen size bed, a study area with a desk and shelves, a play zone with toys and games, and a ladder leading to the bunk bed with storage behind.

The coolest part is the bunk bed with a safety net on top and a swing below. It’s like having a mini playground in your own room. You can climb up, swing around, and have tons of fun. There are also some adorable animal buddies on the walls that add some fun and learning to the room and they also help you learn about different countries and animals while you play.

The bathroom dazzles with black terrazzo resembling the night sky, allowing imaginative showers in outer space. It’s a super cool and smart haven for kids. They desired colours to adorn their home but not too loud or garish.  SKAPA played with blue and orange colours to create a fun space where they could roam and work and rest and flourish. 

In close proximity to the playful kids’ room, the study room or home office holds immense importance for the couple. The striking use of  olive green as a colour immediately captures one’s attention. A versatile sofa cum bed, flanked by full-sized storage cum display units, becomes the centerpiece of this space.

The green unit seamlessly combines open and closed storage, enhanced by gentle indirect lighting that illuminates the entire area, transforming a mere study corner into a radiant sanctuary. In addition to the study table and storage, a private balcony with pantry and outdoor furniture provides a serene escape.

A distinctive patterned flooring pays homage to the Spanish theme once again, while serving as a cosy spot for reading a book or savoring a cup of coffee at day’s end. Adorned with artwork lovingly created by the client’s sister, this personal touch infuses their everyday space with a unique sense of warmth and belonging.

The balcony got a makeover with a glass roof that keeps the rain away, the furniture that is handy and the plants that make the space green and zesty.  The outdoor space is defined by a seamless combination of brownish-grey tile cladding on the floor and wall. A raised seating platform adds depth, while sandalwood slab tables maintain continuity and sophistication.

Spanish planters adorn the cladded wall, infusing the area with greenery and connects us to the charming Mediterranean theme. This captivating fusion of elements creates a visually stunning and harmonious space, where experience and functionality effortlessly intertwine.

Design, a journey of deliberate choices, finds its seamless culmination through the unwavering interest and active participation of the clients at every stage. But amidst this process, what truly defines the essence of a home? The answer lies in the embodiment of comfort, for it is in the fulfillment of the clients’ initial vision that true satisfaction resides. As the design unfolds, the designer’s ultimate achievement lies in creating an organic and effortless space, where the arrangement appears innate rather than contrived. In this harmony between client and designer, the essence of a home takes shape, a testament to the power of collaboration and the artistry of design.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio Skapa Architects

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: Spanish Country Home

Location: Bangalore

Year Built: 2023

Principal Architect: Charita Kishore Rupa

Photograph Courtesy: Yash R Jain

Text Credit: Shivangi

Firm’s Website Link: Studio Skapa Architects

Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio Skapa Architects

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