9 Tips for Selling Your Furniture Online (and Make Some Cash on the Side)

9 Tips for Selling Your Furniture Online (and Make Some Cash on the Side)


There’s a good chance that the Beanie Babies you loved as a kid are not worth a fortune now. And maybe you were able to keep a certain Barbie or American Girl doll in a box before you got older—making it worth something these days—but it’s more likely that your childhood imagination won out over that prospect, too. When it comes to uncovering certain things tucked away in our homes, it’s common to think of them as treasures that could, just maybe, make us fortunes. But since that’s so often not the case, we usually settle for two other options: donation or garbage.

Nevertheless, the potential resale of everyday products in our homes has grown in popularity recently, even beyond the well-known names of Craigslist and eBay, as more websites begin to appeal to the trendy desire to embrace minimalism. Clothes and accessories that are no longer personally appealing (or “spark joy”) often fit this bill, but perhaps the biggest possible profit can be found in furniture, especially pricier items that have been passed down between generations.

“Start looking at furniture the way you look at other assets. We’re so used to everything being disposable, but furniture is made to stand the test of time and selling it will help toward the purchase of your furniture for your next space,” Brittany Gersh, Associate Director of Art and Home at the RealReal, says. “Also, when you sell online, the reach is so much greater, the turnaround is much quicker, and the potential profit is greater.”

If you have an inkling that a decades-old couch or a well-used desk can soon line your pockets with cash, then it’s worth it to consider your options. That’s why we asked Gersch and Anna Brockway, the co-founder, and president at Chairish, for ideas on how to select, prep, and sell furniture online. “Most of the time, if a furniture piece is in good shape, you can recoup at least something for the item,” Brockway says. “Giving these pieces a second or third (or fourth!) life is not just practical; it’s smart, chic, and kinder to the Earth.”

By following these tips, which also includes where to sell furniture, Gersch and Brockway are optimistic that you can find resale success with little time and effort. And since the same thing probably can’t be said about your childhood toys, then at least you can make good on other throwback items.

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