7 Interesting Myths & Facts On ‘Paper’ That Will Change Your Perception About Its Usage & #SwitchToPaper

As Michael Scott puts it in TV sitcom The Office – “Real business is done on paper.” But is paper really bad for the environment? Do we need to save the trees?


No matter what these 21st-century millennials say, there are a few things in my life that won’t change – paper copies over e-books, colourful Post-It notes over digital reminders and of course, GQ’s physical copies over the rather bland digital ones. There’s nothing that can replace the touch and feel of paper. It has been aeons since innovation has been at the heart of the paper-making industry and it would be hard to imagine what life would be like without paper, right?

There are a number of paper myths out there that mislead and misguide the public such as destruction of forests for its production to it being bad for the environment, paper myths are fogging the truth from people’s minds. So here I’m debunking the most common paper myths for anyone who feels guilty after wiping their hands on a paper napkin.








Thanks to JK Paper for helping us bust these myths surrounding paper and encouraging us to #SwitchToPaper. At JK Paper, for every tree that is harvested for paper-making, five more of the same are grown. Now isn’t that good sustainable development? 

Now you can take a pledge to use paper-based alternatives at Switch To Paper and JK Paper will send you goodies for being a paper crusader. Guess who got it first? 


Source: Scoop Whoop

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