6 Clean Recipes to Make If You Had One Too Many Aperol Spritzes This Summer

Labor Day has come and gone, marking the end of another long and luxurious summer. Gone are the days of poolside lounging with a drink in hand, dining out while hosting friends in your hometown or traveling around a new city, and enjoying the occasional ice cream cone on a hot summer night. If you’re like most, returning to your usual routine may make you realize just how much you over-indulged during the summer months. While beautiful dinners and fun cocktails enjoyed alfresco are nothing to regret, it might be time to take a step back and evaluate your health goals.

“If you’re feeling like you want to re-energize, refresh, and refocus on your goals, then it’s the perfect time for a little reset,” Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott of Tone It Up explain. The pair is known for their strengthening workouts and healthy meals and they definitely know a thing or two about practicing a total mind and body reset—so much so they created a 5 Day Detox program to help people reconnect with their health goals in simple and achievable ways.

To them, eating healthy, nutritious foods is an act of self-love and self-respect. “When you fuel your body right, you will feel more energized, confident, and happier,” they say. It’s all about choosing whole, clean, unprocessed foods like lean proteins, leafy greens, fruit, and healthy fat whenever possible. To get an idea of the clean recipes they live by, take a look at a few snacks and light meals below and try a few of them out for yourself.

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