50 Vibrant Flooring Tiles Design For Every Indian Home

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Flooring tiles design come in a wide range of colours, textures, and patterns. Each part of India has its own unique flooring style. The story behind the process of making these flooring tiles design is worth noting. At the same time, the extensive collection of flooring is suitable for any theme and climatic considerations. Thus, let’s look into the 50 Best Flooring Tiles Design for any home.

Yellows And Reds | Studio HC

Moving forward, the grey flooring strips guides toward respective screens, creating a seamless transition into the heart of Cinephile Cinemas. This design choice, with its bold contrast, effectively marks a departure from the traditional, monotonous theater entrance.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Studio HC

Location: Harlur main road, Bengaluru

Principal Architect: Ar. Hemanth Chander

Photograph Courtesy: Ergate Architecture & Kishan Kallianpur

Reds And Browns | Maze Concept Design Studio

As you walk into the main dining area, you are welcomed with an ornamental main door, red oxide flooring with a pattern created with local stone, dark wooden rafters and furniture, and a mural which reminds you of the old Bangalore vibe. 

Fact File

Designed by: Maze Concept Design Studio

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Principal Architects: Koushik B R & Priyanka Mc

Photograph Courtesy: Arjun Krishna

Checkered Pattern | Associates Design Studio

The mesmerizing passageway towards the patio welcomes the guests on the zigzag and checkered designed natural marble flooring amidst the dim lights of the mini post-top lanterns. A royal set of table and chairs placed in the corner with a purpose to spend time with the trees, winds and skies elevates its beauty even more. To complement the contemporary décor and keep the royal essence alive, the jali windows and the box doors were chosen.

Fact File

Designed by: Associates Design Studio

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Principal Architect: RUCHIR SHETH

Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah Photography

Earthy Tone | RAIN Studio of Design

Fixtures have been custom-detailed to complement and contrast the space. Items of significance in the South-Indian domiciliary such as the brass ‘kuthhuvilakku’ (traditional oil lamp) and the ‘kudam’ (pot used to transport and hold water) have been transformed playfully to fulfill the same purpose it was originally meant for i.e. the former as a light fixture and the latter as a spout filling water into the lotus pond. 

Fact File

Designed by: RAIN Studio of Design

Location: Kuvathur, Tamil Nadu

Principal Architects: Sriram Adhitya & Vamsi Krishna

Photograph Courtesy: Yash R Jain, Ekansh Goel

Intricate Patterns | inventarchitects

Schematically, there is an intentional demarcation between the public and private spaces, in the planning. The ground floor mostly has semi-public spaces such as the foyer, visitor’s lounge, Pooja space, and a guest room, and the upper floor has 3 private bedrooms, a family room, a dining area, and a kitchen with a direct view of the beach.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: inventarchitects

Location: Ecr, Chennai

Principal Architects: Ar. Vivek Kumar & Ar. Nanda devi

Photograph Courtesy: R Radhakrishnan

Mural Flooring Tiles Design | Vibrant Spaces

Art has an undeniable presence in this home, with sculptural pieces & hand painted murals throughout. A neutral theme can be observed throughout the home with statement pieces that highlight the space they are placed in. 

Fact File

Designed by: Vibrant Spaces

Location: Chennai – Arcot Road

Principal Architect: Ar. Aarthy

Photograph Courtesy: Ar. Architect Aarthy ,ID Jayakumar & ID Soorya

Touch Of Simplicity | Design Deconstruct

A striking matt finished marble, accentuated with steel finished in rose gold, forms a gorgeous backdrop behind the television. The display unit beside it showcases pieces collected by the client over the years. The rest of the TV unit is in veneer with polyester finish.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Design Deconstruct

Location: Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Principal Designer: Rishabh Kapoor

Photograph Courtesy: Atul Pratap Chauhan

Play Of Textures | Studio 603

The spatial arrangement of the restaurant signified by a division of sittings with elements that create thin invisible lines. The flooring is dark brownstone finish tiles and central area with small deco tiles matches with a color palette. Also, identify the movement path around it for easy excess to intruders and serving.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio 603

Location: Nandasan Village

Photograph Courtesy: Inclined studio


We reupholstered the seating in the semi formal area, introduced a double carpet tile pattern in between the room to accommodate an antique cradle that we repurposed into a center table by using an Italian marble as countertop. The wooden ceiling with rafters is something we have retained in most rooms as they bring in the richness into the space.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Hiraya Design Studio

Location: Mangalore

Principal Architect: Apeksha Naik

Photograph Courtesy: Noaidwin Sttudio

Blend of Modern and Traditional | Design Studio Associates

The interior of this mansion is a lovely blend of modern and traditional styles. The mansion’s modest layout allows for a seamless transition between its public and private spaces.

Fact File

Designed by: Design Studio Associates

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Ruchir Sheth

Shades Of Grey | Foresight Associates

Climbing to the first floor is an awestruck affair of sorts, one that is mesmerizing and grounded all at the same time. The stairway happens to be the carrier from the formal environment to the personal spread. Thus, a star element was added to the design of the stairway.

Fact File

Designed by: Foresight Associates

Location: Bill, Vadodara

Principal Designers: Shivali Agrawal, Kunal Patel & Azaz Saleh

Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah

Diagonals And Triangles | Design Inc

The design focuses on creating a serene and timeless ambiance by utilizing a palette of neutral tones such as soft creams, warm beiges, and subtle greys. Plush textures and luxurious materials like velvet, and marble elevate the space, while vibrant accents add a touch of glamour.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Design Inc

Location: Udaipur, Rajasthan

Principal Architects: Ar Sandeep Jain & Ar Anup Murdia

Photograph Courtesy: Pratikruti09

Blue Organic Athangudi | House of Design Stories

Aathangudi tiles for the flooring were homemade and the colours were derived mathematically and theoretically to achieve the pastel tones we envisioned. The moulds and colour pigments were custom made with respect to our design and to compliment the other elements of the house in a holistic approach.

Fact File

Designed by: House of Design Stories

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Principal Architects: Ar. Arul Maniyan & Ar. Anu Krithika

Photograph Courtesy: kausik Srestaluri

Sharp Lines | Vivid Decor

To create an intimate ambiance, the designers picked a warm palette, as well as patterned flooring and soft upholstery. To represents the notion of general interior coherence, the fundamental color palette for the interior is black, pink, and green.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Vivid Decor

Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Vidhi Soni Teraiya

Photograph Courtesy: Pratikruti09


The full wall to wall carpet in beige tone adorning the floor is a part of the client’s tradition and acts as a canvas enhancing the colours of the carefully chosen upholstery of the furniture, adding vivacity to the living room

Fact File


Location: Godhra, Gujarat

Principal Designer: Minesh Shah

Photograph Courtesy: JIHAN ASSOCIATES

Diamond Shape Pattern | IR Design Studio

The beholder’s journey begins with a dramatic entrance and a glowing welcome to PratiRaj Residence. This is achieved by setting the bold wooden veneer lettering upon a black marble panel in contrast to the ‘black-and-white’ geometric flooring and a tiled white background.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: IR Design Studio

Location: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Principal Architect: Ar. Ishwar Rungta

Photograph Courtesy: StudioAbhishekSawant

Greys, Browns, And Yellows | Archaic Design Studio

This leads us to the main entrance where the porch with the sloping roof is built from metal and wood. It indeed pairs well with Kota and sandstone flooring and round metal columns. Hanging lights made from cane creates an inviting entrance to the inside.

Fact File

Designed by: Archaic Design Studio

Location: Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad

Principal Architect: Kalpesh Mewada

Photograph Courtesy: Rockbrand Inc

Smooth Yellow Flooring Tiles Design | Design Forum International

A generous utility area has been provided alongside the kitchen. The exterior of the house embodies the elegance within by using beige natural stone as the primary material. Terrace gardens on all floors animate the facade of the house. 

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Design Forum International

Location: Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi 

Principal Architects: Tevatia Chauhan & Sharma Architects (TCS)

Black White And Blue | R.A.I (Rai Architects & Interior designers)

To achieve this, we used warm lighting and blue color in the corridor with black and white flooring patterns to create a luxurious yet soothing transition. This acts like a portal through which you can switch between your various roles in life.

Fact File

Designed by: R.A.I (Rai Architects & Interior designers)

Location: Indore

Principal Architect: Shubham Rai

Photograph Courtesy: Pranjal Jain


With the Oikos finished texture on the wall and the ceiling, this foyer gives the design a 3D look with the tasteful abstract wall art and its pseudo shadow on the flooring. The gigantic wooden door with the Patina-finish handle and the wooden entryway table with a pristine black marble top are the perfect embellishments.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Foresight Associates

Location: Bill-road -Vadodara

Principal Designers: Shivali Agrawal, Kunal Patel & Azaz Saleh 

Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah

Diagonal Strips | K.N. Associates

The foyer is made exquisite with Black Italian marble inlay in Beige Italian marble. A minimal wooden frame with glass sliding doors and see-through batons separates the foyer & living area.

Fact File

Designed by: K.N. ASSOCIATES



Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah

Small Prints | Monsoon Collective

Concept: The design is based on the concept of a flowing brook, with water channels flowing around and through the building, and the rhythmic movement of the water being expressed in the form. The water flowing through these channels during the monsoon coupled with the vistas created within the space aids in the creation of a multi-sensory experience within the home.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Monsoon Collective

Location: Angamaly, Kerala

Principal Architects: Manoj Madhu, Rafi Shakeer, Dona Jenn George, Anupama B, Afrosa Kamal

Photograph Courtesy: K. Midhul

Faded Flooring Tiles Design | betweenlines 

Having seen the adverse effects of excess quarrying, the clients were clear not to use energy-mongering tiles for the flooring. Hence Athangudi in available patterns were taken and a gradient was created.

Fact File

Designed by: betweenlines

Location: Bangalore

Principal Architects: Deepa Suriyaprakash & Guru Prasanna. C

Photograph Courtesy: Raji Sunderkrishnan

Symmetrical Art On Tiles | Nufail Shabana Architects

Complementing these elements are the unique and bespoke furniture pieces. As you span your vision across the foyer entry and living the varying textures from the cement floor to the glass and cane partition. in very English colors are very noticeable. This scheme stands in coordination with the lush green of the outside spanning across the enormous windows. Printed tiles and Borrowed details from popular aesthetics grand as modernism and art décor.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Nufail Shabana Architects

Location: Mahe, Kannur, Kerala

Principal Architects: Ar. Shabana Rasheed & Ar. Nufail

Photograph Courtesy: Turtle art photography

Paired With Wood | IDA: Interior Design Associates

Everything else follows the colors and style that work with the tile, i.e. hues of blues, beige & brown. Subtle moldings in the ceiling and wall paneling add to the old-world charm in a contemporary setting.

Fact File

Designed by: IDA: Interior Design Associates

Location: Fort Kochi, Kerala

Principal Designers: Somya Sharma, Shanawas Moidu, Ajay Angolkar, Divya Sharma Vernenker

Optical Illusion | Azure Interiors

One gets a glimpse of their innate sense of design, eye for detailing, and modern refined approach when one enters the hotel itself. The double-height lobby features striking triangular patterned black and white Italian marble flooring, columns latticed with brass strips, and a gorgeous gold-toned front desk.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Azure Interiors

Location: Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Principal Designers: Rashi Bothra and Ruchi Gehani

Photograph Courtesy: Phxindia

Sinuous Curves | Midas Luxury Interiors

Book match marble look clad TV wall and small touch of golden elements give this living space visual Intrigue, also each everything in this space complement each other also help in pulling the space together.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Midas Luxury Interiors

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Principal Designer: Rachana Goyam

Photograph Courtesy: Praveen Vijayan

Radial Patterns | 42MM Architecture

Here the colors are brought in by the idols, and pictures of the deities. The micheal angelo flooring has mother of pearl inlay design that acts as a carpet to the floor. 

Fact File

Designed by: 42MM Architecture

Location: Maharani Bagh, New Delhi

Principal Architects: Rudraksh Charan & Priyanka Khanna

Photograph Courtesy: Atul Pratap Chauhan

Same Pattern Throughout | Design Vault

The kitchen radiates modern aesthetics, revolving around a captivating light oak wood coffee bar- carved out especially to ‘Fix a quick coffee on the go’. Adjacent to this entry stands a tall pantry – a ‘must have’ for the homeowners who are spirited hosts and entertain almost every other day. A touch of burgundy injects a burst of vibrancy into the space with geometric floor tile pattern and pristine white countertops !

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Design Vault

Location: 25 South, Prabhadevi, Mumbai

Principal Architects: Shilpy Gupta & Ar. Supreet Nanda

Photograph Courtesy: Noaidwin Sttudio

Shades Of Brown Tiles | InnerArch Designs

The area was designed in a color scheme of blue, brown, beige and gray. One of the walls is finished with statuario marble engraving.

Fact File

Designed by: InnerArch Designs

Location: Sargasan, Gandhinagar

Principal Architect: Bk Patel

Photograph Courtesy: Zotagraphy

Hints Of Primary Colours | Alchemy

The pinhole brick in the facade, dressed stone walls, polished unpainted cement walls, and polished concrete floors with handmade cement tiles are supported by muted and earthy tones to go hand in hand with the context. The walls are all alternated by the larger volume of openings to bring in more ventilation and light.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Alchemy

Location: Palakkad, Kerela

Principal Architect: Subeesh Madhavan

Photograph Courtesy: Shamanth Patil J

Black Stone Flooring And Concrete Finishes | Yuuga Designs

The mix of black stone flooring, and concrete finishes whiter walls with wooden furniture give a character to the large open living areas that connected to green landscapes and courtyard like prayer space.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Yuuga Designs

Location: Malappuram, Kerala

Principal Architect: Mithun Balan & Arun N V

Photograph Courtesy: spacesbysanjay

Pastel Blend | Shraddha Architects

The subdued greys create a pleasant backdrop, allowing the lively oranges to radiate energy and enthusiasm. Terracotta shade is used for flooring tiles. This thoughtfully curated colour selection not only establishes a profound connection with nature but also envelops the entire space in a welcoming and cosy ambience.

Fact File

Designed by: Shraddha Architects

Location: Anand

Principal Architects: Mahesh Patel, Ar. Shivam Patel, Ar. Sheenal Patel, Ar. Siddharth Patel

Photograph Courtesy: Murtaza Gandhi

Small Zig Zag Patterns | RED BRICK STUDIO

The material palette is plush and not loud. Our goal was to achieve the luxury of the royal heritage but in an understated manner that suited a more modern space. The silken Italian marble flooring is contrasted by the two large pink sandstone walls that slash across the house.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Red Brick Studio

Location: Aundh, Pune

Principal Architects: Ar. Anil Poduval& Ar. Ankur Kothari

Photograph Courtesy: Hemant Patil

Long Zig Zag Patterns | Tracing edges

The ground floor, thus chaotic most often, was being used as a thoroughfare for the visitors to the office. It was this that led to the clients to wish the terrace became a point of relief for the family, a space to unwind after a long day. Thus was. born the idea to refurbish the terrace space to house a bedroom, a kitchenette and a small living area.

Fact File

Designed by: Tracing Edges

Location: Bhopal [M.P]

Principal Designer: Ar. Manu Sharma

Photograph Courtesy: The Matter Studio By Rohit Mendiratta

Geometric Patterns | D2D Architects

The use of seamless tile flooring and printed tile throughout the project has given the material a new identity under the contemporary, theme-based style, the first floor has semi-outdoor seating with a floating beam in the ceiling which has an indirect light and walls in wooden beading with tropical wallpaper.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: d2darchitects

Location: Warangal, Telangana

Principal Architect: Ar. Patnala Rohit

Photograph Courtesy: Yash Reddy

Vernacular Flooring Tiles Design | Envisage

To further build on these natural practices, sustainable handmade Athangudi flooring tiles from Chettinadu, made through an extensive process of sun drying and using rice husk polish are spread over the entire property.

Fact File

Designed by: Envisage

Location: Bangalore

Principal Architects: Ar. Vishal Kakkar & Ar. Meena Murthy Kakkar

Photograph Courtesy: Kuber

Mirror Image | AN Design

The cane outdoor furniture, the custom-made vintage flooring tiles, and potted plants together lend an unwinding atmosphere to the balcony in this Hyderabad home. Adding a basin counter to this space makes the area more functional.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: AN Design

Location: My Home Bhooja , Hyderabad.

Principal Designer’s: Nikita Mehta

Photograph Courtesy: Ricken Desai

Blues And Yellows | Hohm Design Studio

Even though this modernist home was in the most dilapidated condition, I may have fallen in love instantly! We’ve used a full-bodied tile in the mud room area with flooring of black cudapah & white marble in a diamond pattern. The ceiling is in a gridwork of American sal wood. The floor and the ceiling are completely inspired by Geoffrey Bawa. The mud room has a pine wood wall cladding. The sliding door on the left leads to the children’s room with a micro cement floor.

Fact File

Designed by: Hohm Design Studio

Location: Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Principal Architect: Sonal Chordia

Photograph Courtesy: Shamanth Patil

Mosaic Flooring | Studio 3TwentyOne

One of the most striking features of the renovated home is the beautifully restored mosaic floor. The floor was brought back to life by grinding and polishing, and it now serves as a stunning focal point for the home’s interior. The spaces were replanned to incorporate a larger dining space and modern kitchen, while still using traditional materials.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Studio 3TwentyOne

Location: Kottayam, Kerala

Principal Architect: Anupa Kurian

Photograph Courtesy: Running Studios & Prasanth Mohan

Organic Patterns And Solid Colours | Space Tag Architects

To demarcate these virtual zones, a masterful interplay of different materials, textures, and flooring levels was employed. This strategic design feature allows patrons to find their perfect niche within the cafe, tailored to their individual tastes and desires.

Fact File

Designed by: Space Tag Architects

Location: New Delhi

Principal Architects: Ar. Deepansh Tyagi & Ar. Akansha Mittal

Photograph Courtesy: Space Tag Architects

Black-White Terrazzo Flooring | Azure Interiors

The adjoining theater room maintains a clean and unadorned ambiance. A connecting kitchen introduces a dash of color with terrazzo flooring and sage green shutters. The center also accommodates a recreational space with a spa room and a powder washroom in front.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Azure Interiors

Location: Raipur

Principal DesignersRuchi Gehani & Rashi Bothra

Photograph Courtesy: Yash R. Jain

Extending Floor To Ceiling | Dipen Gada & Associates

Owing to the fact that it was a compact site and the clients had elaborate requirement for 6 bedrooms, a retail space on ground floor along with other facilities; and no compromise on the quality of air, light, privacy and sound control, we only had one option – that was to build a tall house. With this comes the first challenge of not making it look and feel like and apartment but one like a humble residence, while establishing a nice internal visual connectivity between all the floors.

Fact File

Designed by:  Dipen Gada & Associates

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Principal Architects: Ar. Ishank Patel, Prashant Gujjar & Dev

Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah

Exterior Flooring Styles | Shreesh Design Studio LLP

The entrance is divided into parking and a semi-partial garden through flooring patterns. The flooring arrangement is in a diagonal layout, keeping soft cape to a minimum. The perforated compound wall portrays an equal amount of transparency and security to the residents. ‘

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Shreesh Design Studio LLP

Location: Jetpur, Gujarat

Principal Designers: Dishit Parsana & Haresh Parsana

Photograph Courtesy: Nilesh Joshi

Minimal Yellow | ARA Designs

The design approach used in Hermosa aims to create a perfect synthesis between ethnic and adapting lifestyles.

Fact File

Designed by: ARA Designs

Location: Jaipur

Principal Architect: Ar. Amey Dahanukar

Earthy Brick | AANGAN Architects

Main Floor: Wastage white marble & Brick floor made from wastage surkhi (brick powder)

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: AANGAN Architects

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Principal Architects: Vishal Shah & Vishal Desai

Photograph Courtesy: Pratikruti09

Golds And Browns | De Tales – Design Stories

The hand-painted wall, adorned with symbolic elements, seamlessly blends into the overall theme. Carefully chosen floor tile patterns contribute to the aesthetic appeal, creating a rich atmosphere.

Fact File

Designed by: De Tales – Design Stories

Location: Samtva Apartment, Vasant kunj society, Paldi , Ahmedabad

Principal Architect: Nidhi Shah

Photograph Courtesy: Inclined Studio

Blue, Black, Grey | Krsnaa Mehta

Done tastefully in bold colors and clean lines, the space is an eclectic mix of modern and classical elements, with contemporary heritage patterned flooring, all the elements come together to seamlessly create his new abode.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Krsnaa Mehta

Location: Alibaugh, Maharashtra

Principal Architect: Rajesh Bhaskaran

Photograph Courtesy: Studio Charuau

Terracotta And Brick Flooring | Loop Design Studio

The brick flooring of the alley in a herringbone pattern enhances the old-world charm of the space. The alley flows into the indoor seating area which follows a similar spatial language. The existing yellow kota flooring was retained in most areas and patchwork of terrazzo were added organically where kota was damaged.

Fact File

Designed by: Loop Design Studio

Location: Chandigarh, India

Principal Architect: Suvrita Bhardwaj, Nikhil Pratap Singh

Photograph Courtesy: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Wood And Tiles | Studio Dot Dimension

From the civil structure being adaptively reused to the elements and furniture (reclaimed from old Ahmedabad pols and palaces), while the remaining material being used of the FSC certified categories, the project has helped us set new benchmarks for sustainability.

Flooring Tiles Design

Fact File

Designed by: Studio Dot Dimension

Location: Norwich UK

Principal Architects: Ar. Sharmen Mehta & Ar. Heet Saliya

Photograph Courtesy: Umang Shah

The size of each flooring tile determines the aesthetic and speed of completion. Bright flooring tiles design can make the space more vibrant and create a more enriching atmosphere. Meanwhile, spaces like offices and workspaces need to have Flooring tiles design with muted colours.

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