Multilocation Healthcare Marketing: Minimum Daily Requirements

Do you want to compete in each of your local markets? Do you want to position your healthcare products and services where your target audience actively seeks them? If so, you need a custom digital marketing strategy and budget for each location. We like to call this budget the “minimum daily requirement.” Why is this […]

Practical Learning Components that India’s higher education system needs to inculcate

New Delhi (India), October 30: Supplementing the world’s largest population, India’s education system is nearing the end of its traditional practices. Propelled by the vast growth of technology and the emerging needs of the new demographic, universities and colleges must revise their teaching pedagogy and curriculum, which has become stale. In the aftermath of COVID-19, a […]

This Bungalow Stands as a Symbol of Elegance, Grandeur and European Design | Studio Emphasis

In the realm of aspirations, nestled in the heart of Amravati, Maharashtra, “Project Palasphul” stands as a testament to the visionary work of Ar. Rushikesh Deshmukh, the Principal Architect at Studio Emphasis. Founded in 2019, Studio Emphasis holds a distinctive philosophy: active collaboration. Their modus operandi revolves around closely partnering with clients to translate their […]

Crockpot Bourbon Chicken

Tender and juicy chicken thighs simmered in a brown sugar bourbon sauce all day long. Your family will love this melt-in-your-mouth crockpot bourbon chicken. A classic New Orleans recipe made easy in the crockpot! I sure do LOVE New Orleans-inspired food! Try my jambalaya recipe, which is also made in the crockpot. This gumbo recipe […]

705: Too Much Sugar & Glutathione for Brain Health With Dr. Gina Nick

I had the chance to meet Dr. Gina Nick in person recently and I realized right away we’d be friends. Dr. Gina is the founder of Apothicaire and a world-renowned naturopathic physician, researcher, and formulator. Her latest project is working on some really fun (and tasty!) ways to improve levels of certain nutrients, including glutathione. […]

Beyond Awareness: A Collaborative Approach by Oncologists in the Breast Cancer Battle

Best Oncologist share their advice on Breast Cancer Awareness Month New Delhi (India), October 30: As we step into Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s paramount to recognize its significance. Beyond a mere observance, this month stands as a powerful reminder of the global effort to raise awareness about breast cancer – a disease affecting millions. Oncologists […]

WebMaxy – Maximize Marketing Returns with Advanced Tools and Technology

New Delhi (India), October 30: In a groundbreaking development, WebMaxy, an Indian SAAS-based startup, is reshaping the digital marketing landscape. It is offering businesses a revolutionary approach to enhance profitability and improve ROI.  With a mission to empower businesses, WebMaxy is making headlines with its innovative and persuasive tools and technology. WebMaxy has set a new […]