How to Avoid Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is a time of our lives when we ask a lot from our bodies. Not only are we supporting ourselves but we’re growing a baby! (Never mind the energy we need to take care of our other kids if we have them too!) It can take a toll on our bodies if we aren’t […]


In a dazzling display of success, the EXCELLENT NEET ACADEMY DHARWAD celebrated the extraordinary achievements of its former students who secured medical seats through their relentless dedication and the expert guidance provided by the academy. The momentous occasion witnessed over 110 of our talented alumni being felicitated with pride and honor. The event was graced by the […]

Slow Cooker General Tso’s Chicken

Slow cooker General Tso’s chicken is a super easy version of everyone’s favorite Chinese entree! Crispy chicken cooked in a sweet and savory sauce with a little added heat. This is way better than takeout! Asian-inspired recipes work great in the slow cooker. It results in tender meat but also gives time for the meat […]

“Vivek Bali: A Rising Political Luminary Guided by Resilience and Vision”

New Delhi (India), October 20: Vivek Bali is the proud representative of Janta Dal United. The political figure who is making waves is a politician with a compelling story and a vision for progress. Vivek was born on August 14, 1991, in the culturally rich region of Jammu and Kashmir. Being connected to his roots, Vivek […]

CecureUs Secure and Inclusive Workplace Awards 2023-2024

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], October 20: CecureUs is thrilled to unveil the 3rd edition of the Secure and Inclusive Workplace Awards. These awards celebrate organizations that foster an inclusive culture within their workplaces. We are seeking to recognize companies that excel in key areas, including Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Wellness, and Safe Workplace practices. Organizations can […]