Educate Girls’ Team Balika leads the way towards a Sustainable World with its “Ek pedh Balika Shiksha ke liye” Initiative

Children planting saplings at a school in Uttar Pradesh under the Team Balika initiative Over 4,700 youth volunteers came together to plant 6000 tree saplings on the occasion of International Youth Day New Delhi (India), August 16: Educate Girls, a non-profit organisation committed to working with marginalised communities to promote girls’ education in rural India, […]

Sahyog Physiotherapy spreads message of Fit India on Independence Day

More than 250 women participate in aerobics, Zumba, yoga and other activities Surat (Gujarat) [India], August 16: Sahyog Physiotherapy and Fitness Centre, a renowned physiotherapy establishment in Surat, reaffirmed its commitment to the Fit India movement by commemorating the 77th Independence Day through a unique fitness initiative. Sahyog Physiotherapy and Fitness Centre orchestrated the fitness […]

Futuristic CCTV Technology by Infinova, revolutionizing the Surveillance process in 2023 and the years ahead!

2023 and Beyond: Infinova’s CCTV Transforms Surveillance Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 16: CCTV surveillance industry is highly impacted by technical advancements and has grown drastically with the adoption of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. This has helped CCTV surveillance technology to better safeguard spaces and people, creating a safe environment for them. As of […]

BBG’s mission is to empower 2 million girl children for a brighter and better future by 2040

BBG’s mission is to co-create true wealth by empowering 2 million (20,00,000) girl children (Bangaru thallulu) for a brighter and better future by 2040. On August 3-4, BBG’s Prerana led a multi-layered empowerment initiative for 1500+ students, parents, and 50 teachers at ZPHS in Peddamberpeta, LB Nagar, and Vanasthalipuram, Telangana.   New Delhi (India), August 16: HM […]

Spicy Cashew Dressing

A zesty blend of cashew butter, soy sauce, sriracha, and honey makes this dressing insanely delicious! This creamy and flavorful Spicy Cashew Dressing dressing will elevate any salad with a perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness. I love homemade dressings! You can make the taste fit your needs perfectly, and you never have to run […]

684: Healing Negative Mindsets and Transformation Through Your DNA With Lisa Thomas

I’m really excited to share today’s podcast episode with you because it’s such a transformational one! I’m here with Lisa Thomas, an epigenetics expert, speaker, and author. She helps people facilitate accelerated healing, especially in the area of DNA and emotional intelligence. Lisa has helped thousands of people worldwide achieve their life goals and heal […]

Navigating the Landscape of Media Agencies: Profiling the Powerhouses

New Delhi (India), August 16: In today’s digital age, where communication and information dissemination are more crucial than ever, the role of media agencies has become increasingly significant. These agencies are the driving force behind crafting and delivering compelling narratives, helping brands establish a strong presence in an ever-evolving media landscape. Introduction: Four Pillars Media […]

Crypto Tex – We Are Part of the Global Payment Revolution

New Delhi (India), August 16: CRYPTO TEX offers user-friendly, secure, and efficient blockchain-based crypto solutions.“Crypto Tex has launched Blockchain Ctex Scan, which solves economic and technological concerns by gradually implementing an interconnection between decentralised and centralised solutions,” said a CTEX spokesperson. “The Ctex Scan solution is cost-effective and simple to understand. It can meet the […]