Easy and Effective Methods to Unblock a Kitchen Sink

A blocked kitchen sink can be frustrating and messy for many homeowners. Thankfully, you can quickly learn how to unblock a kitchen sink with a few simple tools and techniques. It will resolve this issue and restore the smooth water flow in your kitchen sink. What Causes Kitchen Sink Blockage? Here are the common causes […]

Potato Chip Cookies

Sweet and salty collide in this delicious and unexpected combination for a cookie. These potato chip cookies start with a classic chocolate chip cookie base with the addition of crushed potato chip cookies. You will surprisingly fall in love with this fun twist on a cookie! Is there anything better than a batch of homemade […]

Chicken Fajita Salad

Salads are one of my favorite summer foods. They feature so many delicious ingredients in season and (usually) don’t require turning the hot stove on. This chicken fajita salad is a healthier take on the restaurant version I’ve always had a thing for Mexican and Tex-Mex food. And while I love the restaurant fajita salads, […]

A Cozy and Charming Casa with a Splash of Spanish Flair | Studio Skapa Architects

Prashanth and Rajani envisioned a cosy and graceful abode that epitomized simplicity and elegance. Enamoured by another penthouse crafted by the Architect Charita, their heart compelled them to acquire a penthouse of their own in the same locale of Shantiniketan, nestled in the vibrant city of Bangalore. They were ecstatic to discover that their vision […]

Top 10 Architects in Kolkata

The Architects in Kolkata adapted to a city that emerged from the intimidating colonial and post-colonial eras. Kolkata, the present capital of West Bengal, was once the capital of British India. It was a playground of colonial architecture experimentation, presenting one of the oldest British-style buildings in the country. The aristocratic mansions in the city […]

TADstories with Manvinder Sodhi | Bonita Casa

Bonita Casa is an interior design studio based in Gurugram that focuses on creating unique and functional spaces. They believe in co-creating livable spaces that are comfortable, easy to maintain, functional, and beautiful too. Since 2019, they have been part of many journeys from house to home. They work diligently to merge their client’s style […]