TechCrunch is heading to London for London Tech Week

It’s certainly been a minute but we’re bringing some of the TechCrunch crew across the pond during London Tech Week to meet up with UK-based investors and rising early stage founders. We’ll be hosting an intimate invitation-only cocktail hour on Tuesday, June 13so if you’ll be around, apply now for a chance to join us! […]

‘AI-powered’ VC firm Vela emerges from stealth with $25M under management

Six years ago, Yiğit Ihlamur, a former senior program manager at Google, observed that AI was surpassing human capabilities in certain areas — at least by his estimation. Equipped with this perspective, he looked into various sectors with the goal of tackling a problem that he could work on for the rest of his life. […]

SLAIT pivots from translating sign language to AI-powered interactive lessons

Millions of people use sign language, but methods of teaching this complex and subtle skill haven’t evolved as quickly those for written and spoken languages. SLAIT School aims to change that with an interactive tutor powered by computer vision, letting aspiring ASL speakers practice at their own rate like in any other language learning app. […]

AMP Robotics attracts investment from Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund

AMP Robotics, a Denver, Colorado-based startup creating robotic systems that can automatically sort recyclable material, today announced that it extended its Series C round to $99 million, thanks to an investment from Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund. That’s up from $91 million when the round closed in November. The extended Series C, which saw participation investors […]

Wellthy lands $25M to help caregivers feel less overwhelmed

It’s called the sandwich generation for a reason. Millions of people in the U.S. are taking care of parents as they age or deal with illnesses. The constant demands of caregiving, often while working and raising children at the same time, can take a huge toll. It’s not uncommon for caregivers to feel overwhelmed as […]

Higher interest rates are fostering a fintech comeback story

While rapidly rising interest rates in the United States have caused more than a few financial institutions to topple, a group of well-known fintech companies are posting signs of a comeback. Both Coinbase and Robinhood reported better-than-anticipated revenue in the first quarter. This is welcome news for the backers and employees of both companies, which […]

Capchase gets into buy now, pay later with Capchase Pay for SaaS financing

Capchase, a provider of non-dilutive growth capital, is now in the buy now, pay later space after launching Capchase Pay to help Software-as-a-Service companies close deals faster. Capchase Pay enables SaaS companies to collect the full contract value for their software while also providing their customers with flexible payment terms. Though SaaS growth didn’t take […]

AudiencePlus wants to help every company run its own media platform

It used to be that having a corporate blog and some paid content was the gist of your marketing department’s content efforts, and that was enough. But as larger companies like Salesforce and HubSpot have launched their own full-blown media arms, it may be time to rethink your content strategy. AudiencePlus, a new media platform […]