Hear how Cambrian BioPharma is reinventing drug (and drug company) development

I’m thrilled to announce this TechCrunch Live event. The startup Cambrian BioPharma is developing a life-changing technology while pioneering a radical approach to a pharmaceutical company. Don’t miss this TechCrunch Live taking place on May 3 at 12 p.m. PDT. Register here. It’s free to watch and participate. Cambrian BioPharma bills itself as a new […]

It’s beyond time we started worrying about unicorn exits

For a single year, it appeared that the venture gambit was going to work out: hundreds of startups hoped to be worth billions on paper and exit in good order. Sadly for investors and founders alike, that year — 2021, as I am sure you’ve guessed — turned out to be more of an outlier […]

RapidAPI, valued at $1 billion last year, cuts staff by 50%

Rapid (previously known as RapidAPI), a startup that built out an API marketplace valued at $1 billion last year, is cutting 50% of its staff TechCrunch has learned. According to an email to employees from CEO Marc Friend viewed by TechCrunch, the move is part of “a significant restructuring” in an effort to “right-size the […]

Shifting from founder to VC with Russ Wilcox from E Ink and Pillar VC

We’re coming at you live from TechCrunch’s Early Stage in Boston. Darrell and Becca are joined onstage by Russ Wilcox who founded E Ink and is currently a partner at Pillar VC. They discussed how Russ navigated multiple economic downturns and eventually sold E Ink to Amazon, why he made the change from Founder to […]

Announcing the Builders Stage agenda at Disrupt 2023

TechCrunch Disrupt, our yearly flagship startup event, returns to San Francisco on September 19–21 — and you can bet TechCrunch+ will be in the house. It’s going to be the biggest and best Disrupt we’ve ever hosted: Along with a few to-be-announced surprises, we’ll have Startup Battlefield, as well as six new stages with targeted […]

XtraTrust CA makes strong inroads in Digital Signature market; poised for success

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], April 25: As India becomes increasingly digitalised, XtraTrust DigiSign Pvt Ltd, a Certifying Authority, is playing a vital role in enabling Digital Transformation in a secure manner. XtraTrust DigiSign, which is licensed as a Certifying Authority by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) under The Information Technology Act of 2000, issues […]

I actually had fun at Fatboy Slim’s metaverse rave

I stood outside a 50s truck stop diner and gas station under a dark, dusky sky. A bright neon sign that said Norm’s Drive In illuminated the space. Behind a psychedelic school bus parked in the dirt lot, monstrous limbs with huge eyeballs, long lashes and smiley faces for irises extended upwards. Little aliens ran […]

How to pitch me: 5 investors discuss what they’re looking for in April 2023

After attending TechCrunch Early Stage last week, I was cheered to meet so many first-time founders and experienced investors who are looking for opportunities. Based on my conversations, VCs are very open to working with novices who can show that they understand the market in which they hope to compete. But dealmaking is idiosyncratic: a […]