Whoops! Is generative AI already becoming a bubble?

Venture capitalists are in the business of predicting the next big thing, even if they get burned in the process. While everyone piled onto crypto in 2021 — and many remain bullish about its future despite multiple failures this year — 2022 saw the rise of generative AI. But as is the case with any […]

Teach yourself growth marketing: How to set up a landing page

Jonathan Martinez Contributor Share on Twitter Jonathan Martinez is a former YouTuber, UC Berkeley alum and growth marketing nerd who’s helped scale Uber, Postmates, Chime and various startups. More posts by this contributor Growth hacking is really just growth testing Why growth activation matters Without customers, there can be no business. So how can you […]

Frosty fundraising environment may change early startups’ DNA for the better

There isn’t much hope that 2023’s fundraising environment will be better for startups than last year’s. It seems likely that it will get worse before it gets better — even at the earliest stages, which have largely been insulated thus far. But for burgeoning companies capable of building business models that reflect current conditions and […]

Sujwel launches a new line of exquisite Kundan jewellery this wedding season

Sujwel’s new floral laminated Kundan-Meenakari necklaces collection India, January 5, 2023: Sujwel, one of the foremost jewellers in India, has launched for this wedding season their latest collection of exquisitely designed floral laminated Kundan-Meenakari necklaces that are specially designed for Haldi ceremonies. With a monthly growth of 40 to 50 percent in sales, Sujwel has become one of the […]

OneRoof grabs funding to help apartment dwellers cozy up to their neighbors

Apartment living can be a lonely life, but OneRoof is here to change that. The company offers a hyperlocal social network app meant to connect people in the same residential building around common interests like hobbies and to even organize again a common goal. The pre-revenue company has grown up a lot since we profiled […]

Indulge In Expansive Views With Fenesta’s Windows And Doors : Re-Defining Luxury

Rate this project How is Fenesta different from other brands? / Tell us about Fenesta Fenesta is a part of the DCM Shriram Group established in 1889 and has a turnover of over Rs. 9,849 crore. The DCM Shriram values have inspired trust and built long-term relationships with stakeholders in India and abroad. Fenesta was […]

MeetKai launches new room-scanning tech and metaverse builder

Not everyone believes that the metaverse — social, VR-centric worlds — has staying power. But MeetKai is among the steadfast optimists. Founded in 2018, the startup initially focused on conversational AI, aiming to build cutting-edge, top-of-the-line voice recognition and speech synthesis tech. It soon broadened its focus, introducing products to help developers build components of […]

Salami Pizza

Salami Pizza is a quick and easy recipe that is sure to satisfy the whole family! A homemade pizza with all the flavor of your favorite pizzeria that is ready in just under 30 minutes, this salami pizza is definitely going to be one you come back to again and again. It’s no secret I […]

The re-emergence of real estate in 2022 By Shravan Gupta

New Delhi (India), January 05: Real estate is the new vibrant story of 2022. We are witnessing changes both in metropolitan and mid-level cities. Earlier, the demand for bigger homes was seen in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. However, such isn’t the case any longer as people in mid towns too demand bigger homes. Such change […]