How well did Israel’s cybersecurity industry do in 2022?

Yuval Krigel Contributor Yuval Krigel is an associate at YL Ventures who focuses on deal sourcing, technological due diligence and providing value-add support to the firm’s portfolio companies. The massive valuations and funding rounds of 2021 left some room for optimism around the state of the Israeli cybersecurity industry in 2022, instilling a sense of […]

Two CEOs is better than one with Henrique Dubugras from Brex

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week Darrell and Becca are joined by Brex co-founder and co-CEO Henrique Dubugras to chat about his corporate credit card and expense management startup. Henrique talked about what made him and his co-founder (Pedro Franceschi) decide to launch the company and why […]

TechCrunch+ roundup: Normalizing down rounds, 2023 climate trends, term sheet basics

The “Pineapple Express” that dropped several inches of rain over the Bay Area last week left the ground saturated. The next storm front expected to arrive tomorrow is expected to bring disruption and destruction on a massive scale. It’s a decent metaphor for our startup ecosystem: Just as there aren’t enough sandbags in San Francisco […]

Four Vital Optimizations Required For Digital Marketing Success

I’ve noticed that most people tend to focus on only one of four variables when optimizing their digital marketing results. That’s a shame because true optimization requires a more strategic approach that considers each of the following four factors: Consumer Demand Campaign Management (e.g., Google Ads or Microsoft) Landing Page Conversion Process     Let’s take, for […]

Here’s how you described the tech industry’s 2022 in a headline

As readers know, we have fun with headlines on this site. But clearly, so do all of you. As part of our end of the year coverage, the Equity podcast team asked listeners to write a headline that represents 2022 in tech. Listeners showed up, with the brutal, the real and the holy-moly-yes-that-happened-this-year-how-could-you-forget. Our recap […]

3 ways PE firms can ensure relevant due diligence for M&A targets ahead of a recession

Corey Massella Contributor Corey Massella is a partner at UHY LLP and is managing director at UHY Advisors. He has more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, tax and business advisor, and as a specialist in SEC accounting and audit services. Economic uncertainty, market volatility, rising interest rates, inflation and the ongoing Ukraine-Russia […]

5 tips for healthcare startups fundraising in a down market

Galym Imanbayev Contributor Share on Twitter Dr. Galym Imanbayev joined Lightspeed in 2020 as a partner focused on the healthcare sector. In fundraising, a founder’s greatest challenge is not selling any particular product or strategy. Instead, it is often unwinding and re-aligning the investor’s biases. The competition is not your market competitor or incumbent. More […]

Hot Cocoa Cookies

These hot cocoa cookies are the perfect treat for the winter season! These soft and delicious cookies have a marshmallow on top and some ooey, gooey chocolate in the middle. You will be won’t be able to stop at just one! Cookies, especially holiday cookies, are some of the best things that we make all […]