More investors, more problems

Amid 2021’s record-breaking funding activity, it wasn’t uncommon to see startups raise rounds composed of numerous small checks from a large number of firms and angel investors. But now that said companies are looking to raise extension financing, they’re realizing that more investors doesn’t always mean more future money. Last year, FOMO was running high, […]

Augmenting creativity with Alice Albrecht from re:collect

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week Darrell and Becca caught up with Alice Albrecht about her early-stage AI startup re:collect. Alice talked about why she founded the company that uses machine learning algorithms to help creatives brainstorm and recall information without breaking focus. She also talked about […]

This VC is bullish about American dynamism – ‘the real one’

For many Americans, COVID-19 served as a wake-up call: The U.S. was nowhere nearly as prepared to overcome challenges as it should be, and it was overly dependent on China. Whether the current geopolitical order calls for a new wave of isolationism will depend on your worldview, but the desire for the U.S. to be […]

Remembering the startups we lost in 2022

It’s been a year. This roundup is never a particularly fun one to write. No one wants to see startups fail, but we’re all keenly aware that most ultimately do. A commonly cited figure suggest that 90% of these companies will ultimately fail. But even with that in mind, 2022 just hit different. The previous […]

User Interviews, which helps companies recruit survey participants, raises $27.5M

Most companies agree that user experience is important. In a 2019 report from UserZoom, 70% of enterprise CEOs said that they see user and customer experience as a competitive differentiator. But figuring out what exactly users want — and what frustrates them — can prove to be a challenge. Customer satisfaction and market research surveys […]

We had thoughts in 2022. Here are the top takes from the TechCrunch+ team

In 2022, uncertainty continued: Major acquisitions took place, layoffs swept the tech industry and Elon Musk bought Twitter. While that last one may not have been on your 2022 bingo card, it certainly caused quite a bit of commotion here at TechCrunch — and got us talking. This year, a big trend for us was […]

Banish vanity metrics from your startup’s pitch deck

Oh man, you got 300 email sign-ups, awesome! Goodness, your web traffic spiked by 200%! Yesssss! Holy god, you got a feature article on TechCrunch — well done! You won an award from the regional chamber of commerce! Break open the champagne, right? Not so fast. These moments of excitement are, in fact, your body […]

Early-stage Mexico fintech Aviva is making loans as easy as a video call

There are some 40 million Mexicans who are excluded from certain financial products due to banks not thinking it is a segment worth going after, but Filiberto Castro does. The former banking executive worked at banks including Citi and Scotiabank for nearly a decade before moving into the fintech space to be chief of growth […]