Quantum Space picks up speed with $15M in funding for cislunar space vehicles

Cislunar space is quickly becoming ripe for government and civil use. This is particularly true in light of NASA’s Artemis program, which aims to establish a permanent human presence on the moon in the long-term. But a ton of critical infrastructure will need to be in place before that happens: everything from communication systems to […]

Trusting your gut microbiome with Cheryl Sew Hoy from Tiny Health

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week, Cheryl Sew Hoy, the founder of Tiny Health, tells Darrell and Becca about the complex science behind baby gut microbiomes. Sew Hoy talks about why she got interested in the subject, what it was like researching the field and how she […]

Komodo Health, once tipped for a looming IPO, has cut staff as CFO departs

Komodo Health, a health-care enterprise in the business of making data-driven maps, has laid off 9% of staff, or 78 people, according to sources. The personnel change comes around a month after the company internally announced that its CFO would be leaving the company at the end of the year for personal reasons, and just […]

OK, now. Now we’re going to see more startups acquire other startups

Back in June, I predicted that we would see an uptick in startups acquiring other startups this year. At the time, the venture market was souring and starting to show a divide between startups with years of cash on hand — companies that were also, often, overvalued — and those that were low on capital and would […]

Why Checkout‏‎.com lowered its internal valuation

Fintech startup Checkout.com was in the news this morning because the Financial Times reported that the payment company had slashed its internal valuation to $11 billion. And it’s a huge drop compared to the $40 billion valuation that the company reached a little less than a year ago. But that doesn’t necessarily mean what you […]

Show what you know at the TechCrunch Early Stage founder summit

Don’t miss your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise — and teach what you know so well — to hundreds of budding and bootstrapping entrepreneurs. Where? At the TechCrunch Early Stage founder-focused summit on April 20 in Boston, Massachusetts. If you’re an experienced, later-stage startup founder or ecosystem expert who can offer essential or game-changing advice, […]

Gener8tor is the biggest startup accelerator you’ve never heard of

The U.S. Midwest generates a lot of wealth and is home to myriad huge corporations. With corporations come pension funds, foundations and other collections of great wealth. One of the ways that those pots of cash are being invested is through venture capital, which means the money flows to the coasts — New York, Boston, […]

AI and analytics platform Dataiku raises $200M at a reduced valuation

Dataiku is the latest well-financed startup to suffer from macroeconomic headwinds, raising new capital at a significantly reduced valuation. The company today announced that it raised $200 million in a Series F round led by Wellington Management at a $3.7 billion valuation, down from the $4.6 billion valuation that Dataiku received in August 2021. A […]