9 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Embrace in 2023

Healthcare consumers continue to move swiftly down the paths of least resistance toward quality care. This spells trouble for healthcare organizations that cannot change with the times. It’s time to pay attention to what competitors offer and find ways to remove unnecessary obstacles to care.  In this blog, I share nine healthcare marketing trends you […]

Fintech unicorn valuations have fallen hard in 2022

Fintech was hot in 2021, but looking back on it … maybe too hot? The sector exploded last year, seeing record investment — $132 billion globally, according to CB Insights — with many startups reaching lofty valuations, including Stripe at $95 billion, Klarna at $45 billion and Plaid at $13 billion. While these companies have […]

Bosch shuts down its app store for AI-powered, internet-connected cameras

In 2018, appliance conglomerate Bosch created a startup, Security and Safety Things (or “SAST” for short), whose stated mission was to develop a platform to help developers create software for AI-equipped cameras. SAST was to host a moderated, vetted “app store” for internet-connected cameras that would allow developers to build software on an open standard […]

Starting the tampon revolution with Valentina Milanova

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week the show kicks off a new season and welcomes a new co-host. In this episode, Darrell is joined by Becca Szkutak to chat with Valentina Milanova, the founder of Daye, a gynecological health company creating CBD infused tampons. Valentina talks about […]

Circle and Footprint’s aborted debuts are the final nail in the SPAC coffin

It would be nice to say that we’ll miss SPACs. But as blank-check companies fade from our view, we have to say we really won’t. Many companies that went public via a SPAC, or special purpose acquisition company, have seen their valuations implode post-combination. The resulting public-market mess meant that regular investors, not merely the […]

Use customer health data to grow and forecast NRR

Kellie Capote Contributor Share on Twitter Kellie Capote is chief customer officer at Gainsight, where she leads the entire post-sales organization, including customer success management, support, professional services, and the CS Ops & Scale teams. An old maxim among courtroom litigators states that you should only ask a question of a witness when you already […]

Sellscale uses generative AI to create better marketing emails

Everyone who has email knows what a canned marketing email sounds like (and has probably deleted tons of them). For sales development representatives, automated emails are necessary to create the volume of outbound inquiries they need to get a decent number of leads. But badly written emails result in few replies and also make companies […]