This is a landfill in India: Image source  This is a landfill in China: Image source  And this is landfill in Singapore. Image source What if I told you that this
More than a decade after the iconic villain’s noteworthy on-screen appearance we’re finally going to learn about Joker’s backstory. And taking on the heavy mantle
Village Rockstars - the Assamese movie most of us have not even heard about - is India's official entry to the 91st Academy Awards. The
'When the Government decides to screw with you, your consent doesn't matter. You'll be f****d and how!'Growing up, I was the ambitious kid of the
Having lived in urban areas all my life, it is almost impossible for me to think of a place that doesn't have cars. But such places
A 180-degree subversion of romantic dramas, Paper Towns tells the tale of two teens discovering themselves, in a world of 'paper towns'. Orbiting around expectations
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